Full Version: Homemade wire bending jig
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This is already 2nd rendition of first attempt. Going to end up with 10 reditions I'm sure. I just tacked nuts next will be drill and tap plate and new centered rod with different size tips that can be exchanged. [attachment=10350][attachment=10351]
Dontcha just luv red neck engineering
The only way I roll....
Very cool, but I'm so glad I still have my el cheapo Netcraft wire former (notice no Janns in front of it) - amazing I bought it for like $5 or $7 dollars back in 1980 and it's still going strong
[Image: 100_0803.jpg]

Would love a Hagens but I can do just about everything with this one.
Can you give me a close up of the left side of that please.
Next on the redneck engineering list is to make a holder and chuck system for rod wrapping. Cordless drill holder bracket, and chuck for larger than 1/2" diam rods... if you guys don't know the powers of elec. tape, get out a roll and play with it.
I have the same one as Fatman has,I also have the book of how to use it its about 1/4 inch thick and shows you how to form different wires.
Again, I have the same one Fatman and gaspumper have, and I had the book. Might still have it. It's worth a read.

I've been leaning towards heavier wire, which the Tac-L-Tool isn't really strong enough to work with. I've been thinking about getting one of these. Thanks, Fatman, for posting the link for this:

Here you go

Here's a down view
[Image: 100_7302.jpg]

end view with thumb pad open
[Image: 100_7301.jpg]

end view with thumb pad closed - you can see a small opening and that's where the wire goes through
[Image: 100_7305.jpg]
Awesome thank you Fatman!
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