Full Version: A little wire bending 101.
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I'm sure many of you have found these or used them in your bending at some point.  I own a Twist Tec and really like it other than the huge eye it makes.  
So back last Fall I started making my own spinner bait wire and buzz bait wires.  For some of the baits I wanted a lighter wire than they sell at most places.  I like a lighter wire (.029 or .024) on my 1/4 oz spin baits because it increases the noise factor.  

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few things I have found and have learned.  
I found these benders at Hobby Lobby and Michael's and they work great.  They are a little pricey  around $30 each, but both stores usually have a one item for 40% off coupon and I used it and now own a 3mm and a 1.5 mm.  for the price of one basically.

Get your coupons here 
and here

Here are a few examples of the pliers in work and what can be made.

[Image: Bend2.jpg]

[Image: bend1.jpg]

[Image: Bend0.jpg]

I do not care for the R style wire forms.  I hate the way the line slides on them.  This completely removes that and allows for a more profound better working bait.  
I still use the Twist Tec a lot especially on my inline's.  Or if I'm making in large volumes, but I just about prefer and it is about as fast to do them by hand.  I can usually run a 100 spinner bait wires out in 15-20 minutes.
I'll be making a trip to hobby lobby this next week, seeing as how they just put one in the next town over. Those pliers would clean things up and make it easier for sure.
Ha Ha, my wife makes jewelry. I bet she has those. In fact, I'm pretty dog gone sure she does