Full Version: Had to pass this on for bending heavy wire
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A guy over on Tackleunderground posted about this and just had to pass this one on!!!

If you're a Muskie fisherman you know that finding a decent tool to work with heavy wire is almost impossible.
Look no more.  Du Bro now has the wire former for you easily bends .051 to .062 wire.  

Like the guy who posted this, I'm not affiliated with them at all.  Just wanted to pass on a product.
Not a muskie fishermen.We make lures for Hybrid Stripers Fishing which calls for heavy Wire..Thanks
Wish I had machining experience!!
Wish I had known about this last year! That prototype BIG 2 oz in-line spinnerbait might have looked a lot better. Of course, now that I'm nowhere near that same tailrace with huge Stripers, I don't know if I'll get this thing. Of course, they do have Steelhead and Muskies up here......
And really big trout!!! I fish Erie and Ontario when I go home to visit!! And now that the grand daughter is older and really hooked on fishing when we go visit her in Ypsilanti, may just have to try Michigan shore fishing.
I ordered one a couple days ago. Should be here soon.
Got the wire bender this morning. It probably came in yesterday, but SWMBO didn't check the mail, and I forgot to on the way home. Haven't tried bending any wire with it, yet. Maybe this weekend. Don't know for sure. I have a lot to get done still, and now that I'm back to work, I don't have much free time....