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Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
04-19-2017, 10:22 PM,
RE: Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
Caught them on jig and crawler, but mostly on crack baits and when we get serious, live blure gills
I agree with hyper especially when the get over 15#. Good tackle and get ready for a battle. I have had 300 yds of line stripped already and there was no slowing down. ruined the reel. and yes the drag did actually smoke and let me tell you, it was hot...... Next go round lot heavier tackle and live bluegill got a 20 pounder that IMO hadda be a 50 pound fish. A buddy and I took turns and the battle lasted about 90 minutes, them things never wear out. Never caught any over 10# on cranks and I doubt my walleye combos would stand a chance with a big one.
Wishing all, Tight Lines and Bent wriggling rods!
04-21-2017, 10:20 AM,
RE: Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
Our state record is 20# 11oz so Ohio waters might favor larger growth. During the Lake Mac dam nite bite coming up soon I experienced that when shad or alewives are abundant lures don't work. Tried to convince AtticaFish to chase wipers and even researched spots he could try, maybe now he'll give it a go.
04-21-2017, 05:30 PM,
RE: Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
I fish Indiana a lot

Some say they are good eating as well, we always turn them loose. I still have trouble seeing the difference between Wipers and stripers both of which are in the lake I fish. People claim mid-20's which I have never seen. Seems like everytime a decent sizeable amount of fish are in the lake, water problems and they die off. There was a good stocking for a couple years 5 or so years ago and we have been seeing numbers 15#+ So it worked out the 20# was the magic number and our group had 6 in the 19 - 20 pound class, dozens the the 14 - 16# range and way too many in the 10 - 13#. Late last summer there was a report of a bug die off again but all we saw dead were shad. So maybe this will be the year to see the indiana record topped again.

At one time there was a decent population of stripers and some huge ones at that, but last several years any over 25" were rare. this winter was mild and a massive shad population. If the fish kill repoort was right time to start over, but if it was wrong..... May do some serious fishing for them this summer. However, walleye is the current game and I do enjoy eating them.

Stripers and wipers both give a heck of a battle and can take a lot of line. before getting netted or breaking off (more often than not) They dont seem to stop, just keep on going.
Wishing all, Tight Lines and Bent wriggling rods!
04-22-2017, 11:04 AM,
RE: Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
Spoons and slabs, but I don't know about the battle deal. They for sure are good fighters, but to me the small mouth is still fighten ya even when your tryin to let him go. JMO
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08-04-2017, 08:10 PM,
RE: Hybrid Stripers = HYPERS
No 15# this year out my way & best opportunity is 15". Today a guy I run into at local spots Rick bragged an 18" which is actually exceptional. I know, sounds pathetic but that is the only shoreline opportunity now.

Reason I'm posting is to share a tekneek for getting pathetic small wiper to hit a jig when they are boiling baitfish on the surface. My first attempt with my usual slow to moderate twitch-drop failed to get any while nearby local wiper master Neil was getting bit on every cast with a popper. Being a jig purist figgered they were chasing panicked baitfish on the surface so why not imitate that? Duh... So next time, it was rather amazing that wiper could nail a top speed burned skipping jig, and now I can watch others get frustrated with too slow retrieves that are ignored.

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