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Gulp! ?
10-24-2016, 10:34 AM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Recap: Online reviewers mostly like or even rave about Gulp! but there are a few who claim it didn't work at all for them. Last Tuesday at a further from home moving water canal system that still had water Jon's chrome Kastmaster was outfishing my Gulp! 2-1/2" stick min at least 5-1 on white bass, altho we were even with 2 wipers each. Returning on Saturday, I started with a double spin Booger jig trying to match his shiny metal action, but he was shortly up 6-0 on the white bass. So, switched to my usual go-to Gulp! stick min jig and it didn't take long for a come from behind pull ahead 11-7 when I stopped counting.

Point being, it appears Gulp! can have on & off days, and the efficacy of Gulp! or perhaps any lure should not be judged by the (poor) results from inadequate testing.
02-11-2017, 10:19 AM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Trouting has been poor this winter close to home and been getting only a pathetic few dink stockers on last years effective Boolies. Wasn't till I switched to seemingly oversize for trout Gulp! 2-1/2" Minnows on #2 hook 1/15 oz. jig heads that I started getting a few larger ones.
02-15-2017, 08:03 PM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Just when I thought I had the ticket for trout wired,  Jon outfished my Gulp! 9-1 with our original Nebraska trout Boolie - 1/8 unpainted round head, simple white zonker top over pearl Flashabou undertie tail. So, next time I switched to the same style Boo tie dark fur over gold Flashabou on a 1/14 Hooksup head and got a personal best big girl. Re-posting a pic of the trout Boolies that I tied many years ago when first targeting trout in Colorado, as they are the same as being used now.

Think both Gulp! and ties have their place in different spots & times, and nice to be able to switch if one seems slow.

[Image: BooHUs_zpsg3cpoxqy.jpg]
02-17-2017, 09:39 AM,
RE: Gulp! ?
OK, last flip flop post on trout Gulp!ing. A few days after being Boolied into submission by Jon, returned to our moving water trouting area yesterday (alone) and started off OK with a decent # of fun size trouties on the above pictured Boolies mostly in the 12-16" size range wandering about a mile of stream bank. At the last spot turnaround for the day, decided to switch to a 2-1/2" Gulp! Minnow on a 1/15 oz head after a hit & miss on a Boolie, and was rewarded with an exceptional 6-7# fattie. So, stuck with the Gulp on the walk back casting to already Boolied holds and eventually another big girl about the same size obliged. This is public water, and a session like this is extraordinarily right place right time lucky. Precious few trout left, so I release em all.

Sooo, maybe I can conclude that if one has moving water opportunity, Winter is an excellent time to target trout, and Gulp! may be worth considering as a tool.
02-17-2017, 10:32 AM,
RE: Gulp! ?
I have only had limited success with the Gulp stuff but have mostly tried it on micro sized stuff through the ice. Really do need to try the larger stuff and give it an honest chance.

Had a bag that ripped open and the juice soaked the inside of one of my small soft sided bait coolers.... it was actually an insulated lunch bag. I ended up throwing it away and getting a new lunch bag because the smell would NOT go away! : Co-Founder
04-25-2017, 08:11 PM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Indeed, the Gulp! smell is pervasive. I recently noticed that even well used Gulp! Minnows stored in a bag still attached to a jighead still have a noticeable smell when re-used for the next session. One would think that water soluble Gulp! juice would wash away, not so.

Altho the Mac Dam combat nite walleye Spring spawn is full blast, my usual outlet canal has been a more relaxing choice for fun in the sun. Gulp! Minnows have been productive for warm water species as well as trout, all I use nowadays. Last canal session on Sunday I got at least 15 and Jon at least 10 wallys, mostly 14-16" with an occasional few bigger up to 20". The canal needs a few years after the recent drain to produce bigger fish, if any survive the bucket brigade harvest. Jon & I are likely the only guys around who release 15"+ keeper size wallys.
04-25-2017, 08:51 PM,
RE: Gulp! ?
I've never had luck with Gulp but fish other Berkley scented baits including power worms and chigger craws with good results. Actually have thrown gulp baits without hooks in the water and watch fish suck them in and then spit them out. Also know some people that use nothing but Gulp. I've got some soft plastics in the basement that have been marinating in gulp juice since 2009. Just haven't gotten around to trying it again. Walleye are fun to catch and great eating. As long as I have a bag of fillets in the freezer the rest are going back. To me a 15 inch walleye doesn't have enough meat for me to kill it. 18 inchers are just about the right size.
06-28-2017, 09:46 PM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Soft plastics don't seem to absorb Gulp! juice, tried, failed. And yup, 18" is my minimum to harvest, tho on the rare occasion I keep one, 20" is preferable.

Gulp! continues to be my jig of choice, even with massive harvest pressure at my favored spot, still getting a few 20"s, and today got my PB this year at least 22" and chunky. Also got my biggest flathead ever around 20#.

Ordered some 2-1/2" Gulp! Minnows on at a good price. Picked up today, they now come in a white plastic bag, and quality is deplorable. Examining thru the clear window without opening, every bait was permanently bent or kinked, pretty much useless. Returning tomorrow. I read some online complaints about them being made in China, now I understand why

Yes, I did contact explaining the problem, we'll see.
06-29-2017, 10:25 AM,
RE: Gulp! ?
I think just about everything from China is a volume item, certainly don't care about quality. I only order roller swivels and 3-d eyes from China. I'll pay extra for quality products over cheap products. Maybe after 8 years of soaking in gulp juice will be enough for my plastics to absorb some of the juice. Going to take a bait out and see what it looks like after it dries out some. Maybe I'll put some juice in a small spray bottle and spray it on some jigs to test on the fish.
06-29-2017, 01:57 PM,
RE: Gulp! ?
Not gulp but I had some powerbait small minnow's it assorted colors that would trigger a bite when even nitghtcrawlers wouldn't. Don't recall the exact name right now but they would swim very good. Don't know if it was the juice or the color/shape that did the trick but you had to be quick as the fish seemed to hit and spit fairly fast. 
I also had a problem with some Berkley baits and they replaced them no problem.

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