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Announcement of my New Website
01-01-2011, 12:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-02-2011, 01:03 AM by AtticaFish.)
Announcement of my New Website
I wanted to announce that I have my own website up and running this 1st day of the New Year. I invite you guy’s to come visit it and look around. I designed it to be fishermen friendly and easy to navigate. I offer a selection of time tested classic crappie jigs, along with bare jigs and hooks. I can make just about any color combination you may want. If you are looking for some new lures to catch PIG Crappie this year, give mine a try. Thanks to everyone who tried some of my lure last year. I’m looking forward to getting started in this new adventure and welcome your support.
Thanks in advance,
Herb (NightProwler)

Home - NightProwler64 Custom Crappie Jigs
PS: the photo gallery is best viewed in slideshow mode and in full screen.
01-01-2011, 06:07 PM,
RE: Announcement of my New Website
nice site. Some of your pics need to be scaled down. You only can see the tail hackle of a few, instead of the whole jig. Or am I just having a problem with my computer? Anyone else see what I was seeing?
01-02-2011, 01:10 AM,
RE: Announcement of my New Website
Glad to see you have a site up and running - hope you sell lots of stuff - best of luck!

The gallery worked ok for me, i am using a wide screen display at 1366 x 768 display, so that may be a factor if you are using a more square display monitor jjsjigs.

PS - I moved this to the commerece section and also fixed a link i think you wanted in the text... nice looking site. : Co-Founder

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