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Feather tails
04-10-2010, 08:13 PM,
Feather tails
Ok guys I'm starting to become very interested in feathers. I have always been a hair guy but lately I have been seeing some very nice looking jigs with feathers/hackle being used for the tails. So i was wondering if those who are using feathers could post pics of some jigs and include what kind of feather they used I would really like to see them. also any tying tips when using feathers might be helpful to.

04-11-2010, 01:03 AM,
RE: Feather tails
Well me being me I like to think a bit out of the box so some of these will be a bit different than most will likely post but I will post a picture with what kind of feather it is.

The tail is peacock sword fibers/feathers
[Image: 4309979629_fb105a6758.jpg]

The green grizzly one is a Schallapen (aka extra extra webby hackle) tip and regular grizzly is saddle hackle tip as well as the neck/ thorax on this one.

[Image: 4179651681_cd209968a1.jpg]

I tied this one for fun but would likely catch something... these are goose biots.

[Image: 4149843806_f3e4014309.jpg]

More peacock sword fibers

[Image: 4309979663_c5b85b8107.jpg]

[Image: 4309979673_6b2eff483b.jpg]

Tying tips:

For hackle to prep it I strip off the fibers at the tip for about 1/16" then I cut the tips off the next 1/16"-1/8" just so there is some stubble left on the quill of the feather and tie it in. The reason to leave some of the stubble is so it will lock the feather down so it doesn't slip as easy, giving the thread something to grab on to other than just the slick quill.

For peacock sword I tie it like marabou or any other fiber or hair on a standard jig, couple of loose wraps then tighten down some. You will want to be a bit gentle with this stuff as its pretty fragile compared to a lot of fibers but catching a big fish or two on a jig is worth it but for durability it wouldn't recommend it. Trout love peacock color though.
04-11-2010, 01:22 AM,
RE: Feather tails
(04-11-2010, 01:17 AM)Doc Crappie Wrote: Jubs

Awesome pics do you have a bigger pic of the jigs in the second picture wanna see the one in the back ground looks awesome also what color is the head paint in the last pic
Yeah I was trying not to post too large of pictures lol. This is what I have other than the original which you can count the thorax hackle fibers on it lol.

[Image: 4179651681_cd209968a1_b.jpg]
04-11-2010, 02:10 AM,
RE: Feather tails
The olive one is a Lil Guy 1/100 head from flatfish and the other is a 1/64oz #8. The olive grizzly is Whiting Schallapen and the regular grizzly hackle is Metz Saddle hackle (dry fly hackle).

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