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Belly Spins are easy!
03-18-2014, 02:41 PM,
RE: Belly Spins are easy!
Jh - check out : Co-Founder
03-19-2014, 06:07 AM,
RE: Belly Spins are easy!
JH....You are correct. I make sure to secure a good wrap of the swivel to the eye and use a dash of krazy glue. For 1/16 I am using 00 blades for 1/8 I am using 0 and have large for bigger jigs. #12 swivels. I am going to try Led's jump rings next. What I do is get a paper plate and throw on 100 blades/rings and swivels. Watching TV at night work thru 15 to 25 at a time and by the time! I bought small pliers and split rings pliers and JoAnns Fabric in the jewelry making section (good quality).
Lure parts online has a really good selection of blades.
03-20-2014, 07:26 AM,
RE: Belly Spins are easy!
Nice jig. I have a question. Do y'all vertical jig these or cast them?
03-20-2014, 07:12 PM,
RE: Belly Spins are easy!
dblevens...jig, cast and troll Can work for all three. Had real good luck trolling last year on this style

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