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Lights Out Jigs and Flies
03-15-2014, 01:12 PM,
Lights Out Jigs and Flies
I finally threw together a Facebook page for my jigs and flies... nothing fancy just yet, but I plan to add to it quite often. Get on Facebook and look up Lights Out Jigs and Flies. Not as fancy as some folks, but tied as tough as I can make 'em and priced right. When you can fish the same jig or two all day and not worry about having to change jigs every 4-5 fish..... that's worth the difference in the quality you find from a good custom tyer versus a big box store jig!
Never say, “It’s good enough to catch fish”, because fish eat worms and marshmallows…you want to be better than that. Practice until you can do it right. - Charlie Craven

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