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11-21-2011, 03:56 PM,

I think everyone wish's they kept the box's!!!!!! When I worked at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station in Civil Engineering one of the computer guys who knew I did alot of fishing asked me to value some stuff for him. Brought me 4 of the old UMCO 7 tray tackle box's.

I'm thinking ok just a few bucks here and there .......

I thought I was gonna have heart failure right then and there when I opened that first box - Bass oreno's, lucky 13's, CCB's of all kinds and size's, and the list went on. All of them brand new in original box's and they still had the price written on them from the tackle store he got them from 1.05, .95!!!!!! Box 2 was my favorite waterdogs, hellbenders, vamp spooks, hawiian wigglers, and more.

Turn's out these 4 box's were his overfill box's choke!!!!!!!!! We had just gotten bonus checks and I offered to give him the whole thing for the lures, even box 2 just for that one. But no honest me I told him he had ALOT of money sitting there.

Not being a fisherman he took them to an auction house and they sold for $18,000!!!!!!!!! and that was back in 1994. Still hurts to think about it.
11-21-2011, 09:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-21-2011, 09:53 PM by JSC.)
FMan ... you sure do know how to make us say ... why didnt I save those boxes ... And yep you missed one there ... new in the boxes with the old prices still on them ... don't get any better than that for old lures.
RedMan ... I would like to have one of those big Muskies or Northens hit one of thos baits out trolling ... largest Bass that I ever had that I know of was with the spoon plug back in the late 50's ... I had been running the edges of some "Coon Tail" and if you hung any of it you just "ripped" it off .... well I went to "rip" this one and it pulled back ... was on a little 12 Alum Jon Boat with a 5 HP Evinrude at a little better than 3/4 speed .... well I slightly swung the boat to one side and cut the motor ... all was fine exept I froze on the reel (old direct Bait Caster fact it was a Langley "Streamlite") and was using 12# line ... wrong I reached out as far as I could before the line parted ... He jumped 3 times after I lost him ... had a boat drift fishin and the fish was jumping between us so I had a good reference to compare the size ... I would put him in the "Teen Age" size .... I just could not keep my self in the trolling mode so the spoon plugs were kinda hung out to dry.
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