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05-22-2011, 07:32 PM,
Lightbulb  Bluegill
1/8th ounce black head/red eyes, black, blue, green, yellow skirt colors with vertical stripe pattern, and a diving crank bill for scrounging the deep. Jig

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05-22-2011, 09:57 PM,
RE: Bluegill
Putting the bottom bill doesn't work. I have tried it before and it just doesn't work because jigs are weighted so I am definitely sticking with my pattern that works. I have found that if the lure floats (like crank baits) they need a bill that makes them dive. And with jigs (weighted to sink) need a bill that makes it swim upward. So long story short I'm sticking with my best lip patterns and design.

(pic is blurry sorry)

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05-22-2011, 10:17 PM,
RE: Bluegill
Nice looking jig... I like the way the eyes turned out....
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05-22-2011, 11:06 PM,
RE: Bluegill
(05-22-2011, 10:17 PM)Jig Man Wrote: Nice looking jig... I like the way the eyes turned out....

Thanks jig man!... Yeah I've been getting better at painting my own 3-d eyes... I have an idea about taking wax paper and dabbing paint in the shape of the eye (letting it dry) then dabbing the pupil on (letting it dry) then dabbing a last thick dab of clear coat. I think with some practice I might be able to make my own 3d eyes with any detail you'd want that way and in bulk. Just an idea. Confused

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