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Full of carp !
02-24-2021, 09:16 PM,
Full of carp !
After a mediocre 2 trout session decided to try and snag one in a small pool they always seem to hold in to liven things up.  Luckily didn't have to deal with hauling one in sideways or tail first as a nice one bout 25# decided to bite the 1/16 #4 skrat jig.  On 4# gear took awhile to tire out but nice way to end the session.  Altho once in awhile lucky for a carp to bite a jig they do and here in NE 20-30#+ aren't uncommon. 

Does anyone else target carp ?
02-25-2021, 11:38 AM,
RE: Full of carp !
Yep,carp on a jig is a thrill,and one heck of a fight on light tackle!! Of course, I only seem to catch my carp on YOUR jigheads!
02-25-2021, 01:36 PM,
RE: Full of carp !
I've got a few from my local river on buggy looking ties. When it gets mid summer and the river gets low, i used to purposely target them. Had better success with my fly rod, but definitely do-able with jigs. The first run they make is always pretty impressive. : Co-Founder
02-26-2021, 09:05 PM,
RE: Full of carp !
Never caught a carp that looks like it was missing (lots!) scales and JiggerJohn informed me that it was probably a mirror carp.  Yep, sure enuf online images were a ringer.  It fought differently from a carp, more vigorous head shakey and jerk running almost troutlike.  First one ever and nice to know they are present in my area.

[Image: blog-Aug-19-2019-7-mirror-carp.jpg]

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