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Update On JigCraft
2 hours ago,
RE: Update On JigCraft
I've never joined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever, & my TV doesn't get broadcast news or station programming.

As for don the con, is he fully aware that his lies are just that, or does he actually believe they are truthful ?

Yup, peeps here I sometimes engage in brief repartee indeed rely on snippets to foundation their belief systems, like relying on blanket judgement of Democrats as socialist or even (actual quote) communist. I suspect that very few have actually perused the definitions of either or their dogma.

Heck, I do that myself ascribing tax cuts for the rich & benefit cuts for the needy as the primary platform of a political party.

Even a blatant lie can be truth to a believer.
2 hours ago, (This post was last modified: 2 hours ago by Hawnjigs.)
RE: Update On JigCraft
BTW Mr. Fish, I've always valued your careful not to insult no nonsense tell it like it is detailed posts.

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