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Senkos aren't the only sticks that catch fish
03-25-2020, 05:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-25-2020, 10:37 PM by SENKOSAM.)
RE: Senkos aren't the only sticks that catch fish
One thing I've discovered is that fish don't know what their hitting or what lures should look like and because of that the only thing that remains important is size, shape and action. Look again at the lures posted. They are no way a realistic version of anything and because of the ones I've tested, here are the unnatural characteristics of the lures I've modified and tested that caught bukoo fish:

1.  four flat sides for example (soft plastics and some hard plastic lures such as Helin's Flat Fish)
[Image: IjVbAdV.jpg]

2. colors - rarely a factor when a lure shimmies, wobbles or moves in such a way that provokes a strike. Clear hard plastic lures 
have done well for for over 30 years, and last year I found clear soft plastics (of those with a faint color tint) do well. 
[Image: zDZwTNJ.jpg][Image: UVW21j6.jpg?2][Image: tWE29cY.jpg][Image: ycEczQN.jpg?1]
As you've seen, many fish are caught on fluorescent pink and chartreuse.

3. asymmetry - note how the top stick is wacky rigged:
[Image: xlA6VZI.jpg]
All of the sticks shown will catch fish and all have excellent tip action on the way down. Here's another wacky rig example :
[Image: ToEuMx2.jpg]

4. There are NO designs that fish will ONLY bite on any one outing. All of these will catch fish when fish are found that can be provoked:
[Image: gdQqZKh.jpg]
(5 and 6 are from an injection mold and are copies of a Flip Tail Worm made decades ago before Whopper Stopper stopped making lures; excellent action !)

....including this claw/ grub body hybrid (one of my best producers) and the curl tail of a Twister Grub and reattached to the grub body it came from (on the right):
[Image: jO1VvkJ.jpg][Image: QwZ8O4T.jpg?1][Image: jYYHxJQ.jpg?1]
[Image: DZekz0E.jpg][Image: 9HTbKSq.jpg]

Claws removed and the craw head added to a grub body:
[Image: zwEknt4.jpg]

5. Fish ignore hardware such as the wire of a Beetle Spin (lt.), weed guard (rt.) or the hooks hanging from a Floating Rapala:
[Image: Qpqrodc.jpg?3][Image: rJG2V0R.jpg?1]

6. Most important-  have fun finding designs fish don't have a clue what they are.
04-15-2020, 11:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-15-2020, 11:36 AM by SENKOSAM.)
RE: Senkos aren't the only sticks that catch fish
Quote:I guess I have to get Busy and try this method out.I guess you can get really creative with all the different body styles I have and do a lot of experimenting.

Yes Bob. With your ability to mass produce and sell the best lure designs, you could take any ones shown (please do) and get molds made for them. Believe me - THEY WORK FANTASTIC ! (Just remember to send me a few LOL)

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