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Internet Security Auto-Renew & Double Billing
02-01-2020, 09:16 AM,
Internet Security Auto-Renew & Double Billing
Here we go again.  Dumped Avast paid upgrade a year ago due to double billing and only now being publicized privacy concerns.

Switched to then highly rated Malwarebytes Premium and cupla days ago responded to a renewal reminder and paid for the next year.  Got an activation code which didn't work  and after following several blind links found account details noticing not only a Paypal payment for the day but a separate post dated second one for the subscription expiration date.  Waiting for a response to my customer support ticket.

Checking online found other complaints about Malwarebytes double billing dating back to at least 2014 so apparently the company never fixed the issue.  Also complaints that auto renewal cannot be disabled by the customer without going thru a complicated request process with second and third party payment service providers.  The company community help section mostly avoids fix advice and is run by dodgy shills whose only a suggestions is to submit a support ticket.  Their customer service chat feature advised a hold waiting time of 31 minutes.

Any advice would be appreciated.
02-02-2020, 03:38 PM,
RE: Internet Security Auto-Renew & Double Billing
Good Luck. I got tired of all their BS and any of those Items I use a green dot card. basically a prepaid CC and believe me, when moneys gone on those, it like getting a democrat to endorse president trump. Aint gonna happen
Wishing all, Tight Lines and Bent wriggling rods!

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