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Russian Election Meddling
09-14-2019, 11:19 AM,
Russian Election Meddling
How is it possible that ONE MAN can block 2 bi-partisan bills in Congress on a CRITICAL issue that affects ALL of us Americans?  Anyone keeping up with national news knows that the career politician whose name rhymes with MicConBull has single handedly prevented legislative consideration of these bills because he claims the present situation is fine, effectively denying a problem that is 100% confirmed by Fed intelligence agencies and concerned independent watchdogs.  Consensus is that not only national but all 50 states elections were and are being affected by Russian meddling.

As such, information is lacking to concerned citizens including me.  I'd like to know:
1. Were vote counts hacked and where?
2. On social media, which candidates were favored and which were attacked by verified Russian accounts?
3. Did Russian meddling favor a political party over the other?
4. What is being done to prevent or at least minimize foreign intrusion into our elections process?
5. Why were the electoral college & popular votes so glaringly disparate?  Gerrymandering?

Lest we forget, despite the insurmountable evidence, our President accepted likely mastermind Mr. Putin's denial of Russian meddling in a face to face broadcast for all to see.

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