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Unions made America Great !
08-20-2019, 02:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-20-2019, 03:15 AM by Bucho.)
RE: Unions made America Great !
When the feared east German secret service headquarter was stormed by an angry mob in 1990, Putin served as an officer in the soviet one nearby. When the mob came over to try the same there, he stepped out and singlehandedly "defended" it with nothing but a pistol in his pocket and a few big words. I find that impressive.

Soon after, around 80.000 secret service men became unemployed and sold out their toxic skills to west German HR agencies, skyrocketing the mental illness related sick-leave statistics in the aftermath. I personly got a smack of that and consider any country`s secret service personel as the lowest form of human existence. However, I have to admit Putin has balls. He looks at himself as a patriot who does what needs to be done to protect his country and deterr his enemies. The U.S. secret service and others are killing, threatening and manipulating in a more subtle way, not quite as shameless. So?

Russia always had all her resources needed on her own soil. They never looked at another country`s wealth or invaded a neighbor for reasons other than to extend a safety buffer or balance a hoth thread. We all heard of those atomic missiles on Cuba. How many of us have heard of the ones in Turkey? Its basic strategy is and always has been a defensive one. other than many western countries. Many a british conscript of WWI has asked himself how the heck he had ended himself up in an expediton corps participating in the Russian civil war, which was only the begining.  

I grew up in a balance of terror. Now its a balance of intelligence. Frankly, I am somewhat reliefed the Russians manage to keep up, keeping it a balance.  You don`t want them to mess with your democracy? Well, don`t let them! Be better! Be smarter!

I find China far more intimidating. They are far more interested in global control over trade, technology and resources. Hence they are far more like the U.S. themselfes and therefore more in conflict with them.
08-20-2019, 02:07 PM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
Being a fan of Chinese pugilist movies, clan leaders achieve and maintain their leadership positions with superior coercion and combative skills, and Mr. Putin certainly fits that mold. Former head of the KGB, and some refer to him as a "master" of judo. As arguably the richest and most powerful person on the planet, he avoids involvement with policy and action that could erode his position. Better to let international threats bicker among themselves, and he apparently has the capability of encouraging that.

Geographical imperatives make Russia a better choice than the USA as Germany's ally if a choice had to be made.

If nuclear disasters aren't the death of us all, China indeed has the capability to extend its position as a super power. In the USA alone there are 60 operational nuclear power plants each one a potential Chernobyl disaster.

Luckily, I've lived a long enuf life and don't have to worry, just enjoy what I can while I can.
08-21-2019, 03:35 AM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
If you lived under the leadership of a woman who holds a phd (with honours) in physics, is married to a leading quantum physician, with the power to access more intimate classified information concerning domestic nuclear powerplants than enyone else in the country, with a judment founded on the christian-humanistic value system of an educated minister`s daughter, anticipates them to be safe for the time being, would that comfort you?

It was  good enough for me. Well, at least until on the other side of the globe, in the very country that coined the term "Tsunami", 4 of such plants went out of control because they had been built irresponsibly close to the (cooling-) water in order to cut costs. Facing the risk of further bad news from there which would make 80,000,000 Germans turn their heads and ask "See what can happen? Why do WE still have those? We thought you had that covert at school???" German nuclear powerplants had to be shut down a.s.a.p. however, regardless the climate issue. That`s Merkel.

But hey, lets turn to something lighter! I thought our notoriously Trump-bashing left media was spreading fake news, trying to ridicule your president when they said he intendet to "purchase" Greenland. Now I hear he actually cancelled a visit at queen Margerethe`s court  because they had made clear they were not interested? Brilliant! If he really is somebody else`s "puppet", well I have to say I am enjoying the show! Cool What a wonderfull distraction of our domestic issues!
08-21-2019, 11:17 AM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
With your Germany policy and social issues generally getting more serious media treatment, indeed our USA clown show farce must be entertaining. We have an apex "leader" supposed to be our role model for intelligence, fairness, and dignity continually attacking his critics with petulant rude remarks appropriate to a spoiled brat. Perpetrator of 10,000+ public record lies who derides media reportage fact checking as "fake news". And our media suggesting seriously that he may win a second term ?! Americans are funny, eh ?

Thank God for simple pleasures like fishing and creating effective tools for that purpose thru our own efforts.
08-22-2019, 09:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-22-2019, 09:45 AM by hookup.)
RE: Unions made America Great !
Interesting read

Unions did make this country great eliminating the sweat shop mentality of the manufacturing industry.  Unions also hit the bottom line of the companies

Not only unions, but regulation on these companies bit into their bottom line due to the environmental impact of production.  

All this caused manufacturers to move their production out of the country - hence good paying jobs left the US.

With all this, the rich still keep getting richer and the average worker with a high school education or less kept getting poorer.  The average worker who is successful today has a skill.  But that skill is a service related skill

imho we've moved from a manufacturing society to a service society - which is a problem to the lower and middle class

Trump came in and built up the manufacturing sector by eliminating or down grading regulations on the stiff environmental regulations - but to me, that's a quagmire.  Good in the sense that now there's more higher paying jobs, bad because of the environmental impact. But the benefits the unions offered the employees did not come back (such as health insurance and pensions)

I also believe that social media is helping the division in the US - and the world.  People believe what they read - and what's written has a heavy bias to it depending on the writers politics and positions.  imho someone please take that tweet account away from our President - another instance where social media is fueling the flames of division.

On the nuclear issue - good facts Hawn - I'm doing that study now and 60's about right.  fyi - the 60 includes some very small local facilities.  Not educated enough as to what the small facilities are doing.  I've never been a fan of nuclear power because of the damage of a leak.  As mentioned above when any facility is built with profit in mine, safety and risk could be compromised.  That's my fear with nuclear power.

No comment or opinion on Russia or China other than I'm blessed to not be living in their situation and living in America
08-22-2019, 09:57 AM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
This just in

Another reason I'm no fan of nuclear. The initial impact is 2 dead. But what's the reoccurring future impact of the radiation poisoning on the locals?
08-22-2019, 02:08 PM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
(08-22-2019, 09:41 AM)hookup Wrote: No comment or opinion on Russia or China other than I'm blessed to not be living in their situation and living in America

This is not about good and bad and human rights n stuff. China`s "new silkroad" policy is aggressively putting raw-material rich developing countries around the world in debt, turning disputed attols in the south China Sea into unsinkable aircraft carriers, all in pursuit for control over global trade. This is real. The wealth you and me are enjoying is depending on free trade - or what we, the western hemisphere, call "free".

Remember there once was a time when the young U.S.A. spend a fifth or their federal budget in ransom to north african corsairs in exchange for free trade. Back in the day it was not a big deal to build a few decent ships, sail over there and slug it out. Dealing with China however is a different ballgame. Its not a democracy, flip-flopping around according to public opinion. They are capable of tight, multi-decade long, complex global strategies.
08-22-2019, 05:04 PM,
RE: Unions made America Great !
Assuming that reasonable minds won't destroy the planet with a nuclear slugfest, China's active armed forces personnel = 2,300,000 vs. USA 1,281,000. Economically the USA DEPENDS on China for consumer goods imports, ag products exports, and more importantly financing our government debt. Not sure, but I don't think China's governance is hampered by partisan political deadlock like the USA. Altho we were on the losing end deficit wise, there was a cordial trade partner relationship until you know who decided to initiate a "trade war" on the backs of American consumers and farmers.

I'm done being silent about the incompetence of the current administration. See my new topic.

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