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Glass Minnow Jig
07-09-2019, 01:39 PM,
Glass Minnow Jig
Sorry, still don't have an image capture device but its not hard to picture this jig in your mind.  1/16 ball head #4 2x hook with 5 BB size clear glass w/ luster surface glass seed beads(not round) + 1 same size fluoro salmon red plastic bead super glued onto hook shank from head to bend.  Designed specifically to mimic fresh shad spawn fry same size at 1" total length.  Worked last year for a few 2-3# wipers and early this morning (still dark) got 4 small wipers bout a pound to pound & a half + a keeper 19-1/2" wally while the brief bite lasted.  With ZERO inherent action not exactly inspiring confidence based on appearance nonetheless triggers bites with brisk twitch dart tekneek.

Had to buy a pack of 1,000 from Hobby Lobby so be glad to send some glass beads if anyone wants to try.
07-10-2019, 01:42 PM,
RE: Glass Minnow Jig
Sounds like a real winner, in a simple package! I've read of saltwater fly guys who specialized in their own variations of glass minnow streamer flies, and their daily catches were unbeatable.Your beads will have that translucent "glow" that'll pull in any feeding predator! In jig fishing you'll become known as the new "glassmaster' !

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