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Dr. Water Bubble
04-30-2019, 09:38 AM,
Dr. Water Bubble
Trout limits have come exceedingly easy this Spring, despite complaints from the bait&wait crowd. Now, my warming water crappie and bluegills are turning on bigtime with the same methods. Onlookers are fascinated as I describe learning my distance casting water bubble and jig method from an Alaskan Eskimo Elder based on his own 60 + years experience with his particular well honed float 'n fly technique in the deep Alaskan bush. Yet these new friends have to laugh, after conjuring up a mystical age-old fishing guru, when I tell them that Chris Kiana is a Vietnam vet, has a doctorate in business administration, and has authored 5 books (including one on water bubble fishing)!But his system of gridding a section of water to systematically work a bubble and small jig has proven to be an amazingly effective shoreline fishing concept, especially within hard fished urban lakes,ponds, rivers, and streams!

Another important part of my surprisingly good recent results is the unique jig I've been using. Taking the lead from renowned Minnesota guide and fly fisherman, Craig Riendeau (check his site "Off The Deep Edge" for some great articles!) I've been using my version of his "Wee Willy Wiggler" fly, tied on  Hawnjigs' 1/64 oz jighead, below my water bubble. This lure is merely some hair or hackle tied up front with an amazingly active 1" silicone "Leg" from a child's "Koosh ball" toy! I can't say enough about these odd colored llittle "worms" with their subtle but always nervous, squirmy motion - especially when retreived behind a water bubble, or just allowed to sit under an indicator,letting the waves generate the wiggle (as Craig does).

My best success has come from heaving a half filled Bubble out where others can't reach, then very slowly reeling the tiny silicone jig-fly back in, as Dr. Chris advocates. Every now and then, I'll pause and allow the jig to slowly sink down -the hollow tubed water bubble also doubles as a very effective slip float. One way or another, when trout or panfish view the spasming silicone worm,they can't help but blast it! Heck, I may take my bubbles & jigs down to OBX on an upcoming saltwater trip -I'll write a complete report! And ,if there's further interest I'd love to build a discussion on water bubble and jig tactics that others have developed!
05-01-2019, 12:31 PM,
RE: Dr. Water Bubble
I´d love to! What were your experieces with the streamlined bombardas I sent you?

That wiggler fly reminds me of the mop fly craze that has spilled over here.
05-01-2019, 01:59 PM,
RE: Dr. Water Bubble
Hi Bucho, GREAT to hear from ya! Yes, those bombardas ya sent me (and others I purchased) work really well in getting my small jigs out ,especially when I'm working slightly deeper water. Neat thing about them is that those easily flying "missiles" feel like nothing in front of the jig for easy feel of light takes and control of the lure! However, the loaded water bubble seems better for working from the surface to about 6-8' deep, as we experience in many smaller waters, especially during the hot Spring bite. Also the bubble can be adjusted for its casting weight and,being mostly water weight, is virtually weightless IN water; plus serves nicely as a "slip float" to allow a light jig a few more feet of depth when allowed to drop. I guess,too, the floating (partially water filled) bubble can serve as a bite indicator, tho' this visual strike detection is not as efficient as feeling the hit or watching the rod tip nod slightly.

That "mop fly" in your video is very interesting, and I can see where it is superb as as the fly with the float. The silicone "toy worm" also has that size , shape, and motion to create instant fish attacks! Here's a write-up by Craig Riendeau on this material, as he specializes in it, and has experienced many hundred fish days!
05-02-2019, 01:31 PM,
RE: Dr. Water Bubble
I've been using the water bubble method since the 70's chasing trout in the high sierras- nice job

The way we did it is with a leader and the swivel stopped the bubble. The bubble was a float you add water to the sink to the "right" level. We would either use a black fly or black gnat tipped with a piece of worm or grub. Deadly

I fished with a similar rig for specs in salt - only difference is the bubble was bigger and had some sort of noise maker in it
05-02-2019, 04:21 PM,
RE: Dr. Water Bubble
Hi Hookup, Yep, the swivel and leader method is the way to go. I also used a simple black fly, while Dr. Kiana (my Eskimo pal) prefers only a bead headed nymph (I can't even guess how many thousands of grayling & trout he's caught over the years!). This season I started placing the 1" silicone "koosh worm" on my black gnat-like 1/64 oz jig and results have greatly increased for trout and crappie (in fact, took both species just this morning on that float rig during a short session!). And Craig Riendeau just sent me a slightly longer (3") silicone worm behind a black &flash front wrap, that is destined,IMO, to become my hot largemouth bass lure for the year!
05-05-2019, 12:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-05-2019, 12:34 PM by hookup.)
RE: Dr. Water Bubble
What's old is new!

Except for the price - I'd get them for about a quarter a piece

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