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Spinning Reel Line
11-17-2019, 11:41 AM,
RE: Spinning Reel Line
Update: Ditched both Fireline Ultra 8 fused and Trilene Professional Grade Braid (8 carrier). Firstly, the Fireline Ultra was actually a braid with mediocre casting and fraying issues. The Trilene Pro braid somehow managed to deplete rapidly by multiple unfixable wind knots, tho it was strong for its diameter.

Re: Nanofil first use brand new spooling of Nano 6# Chartreuse was allowing a BIG trout to slowly peel drag upcurrent under what I considered only moderate pressure when the line ticked, not snapped, at the rod tip top and I was watching aghast as the now severed line constinued moving with the fish. Jumped into the mid thigh deep water & grabbed the line but maybe because of the slack the fish had managed to throw the hook. There still being adequate line spooled next trouting trip bout mid session noticed a severed line end sticking out from deep on my Pflueger Arbor 7430 spool. WTF ! - stripping the over wraps indeed confirmed that the line had broken mid spool probably from a loose loop being fatigued by casting. 2 trips two serious problems with 6# Nano.

Then yesterday, hooked an obvious big flathead in a waterfall dump pool and was dismayed that the fish got into the too fast to fish outflow current on an unstoppable drag peeling run. Keeping pressure on followed it down a sandbar about 150' and at the end decided now or never to try to hold it from spooling the 8# Nanofil and it worked. No way possible to lift pump it started to walk the fish back inch by inch in 10-20' increments then sprinting back down to recover line. Took awhile of course, but finally the TAIL SNAGGED est 40# flattie was beached in the shallows of the bar. The 2/0 light wire Gami hook had bent out a bit but still firmly stuck into the tuff catfish hide. Released of course after that battle of a lifetime BTW in pre-dawn darkness.

So wondering if there are good & bad batches of Nanofil ? Or any line?
11-17-2019, 01:01 PM,
RE: Spinning Reel Line
Ive had bad batches but would say more likely a bad spool. I store my line the refrigerator that I use for crawlers so I dont have storage issues. cant saw what happened to the line before I got it. Ive seen a lot of spools that had some bad spots. Usually, when I spool line, I maintain tension on the line with my free hand and often can feel twists and kinks coming from the factory spool. I do use line conditioner which I think helps but is not a cure all for twists and kinks
Wishing all, Tight Lines and Bent wriggling rods!
11-17-2019, 05:31 PM,
RE: Spinning Reel Line
Everyone was bragging on Power Pro so I decided to give it a try to see if it cast farther & was quieter than Fireline. Was doing some test casting with a 3/8 jig to compare it with my old FL and after about 3 casts it just broke during the cast. Thought maybe I had a nick in a guide, checked that, nope, tied on another jig and continued until about the 8th cast and same thing happened. Re-tied, cast a couple more and got snagged, "PING" broke again. It wasn't breaking in the same place either, everywhere from 10 feet from the rod to right at the rod. I just figured I got a rotten spool of line.  Oh yeh, it was #15 test.

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