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American jobs
02-22-2019, 12:17 PM,
RE: American jobs
I would guess that German tax policy is still controlled by the "haves" and not the "haves less", why moderate income prosperity has gone downhill like in the USA. Mainstream media also controlled by the "haves" effectively propagandize against "leftist" or "socialist" policy that would shift the tax burden to those that can better afford it.

I think most Americans consider excessive tariffs detrimental to consumers, tho subsidies are set in stone by those with $ political influence. Again, media is more beholden to their corporate advertisers than the average citizen. So best the "haves less" can do is survive with even less.
02-22-2019, 02:25 PM,
RE: American jobs
Trust me, if Bernie, AOC, Kamala, or 1/2 dozen other socialists come in power we'll be in the same boat

But my predictions is that'll only last 4 years until the next election

The socialists in American think under socialism everything will be free, but who's going to pay for it?

And I do not believe that'll happen because AOC's bat-***** crazy, Kamala's a pot-smoking wonder, and Bernie wanted to align the US w/ Cuba and their policies

Recent polls showing that Trump actually has a chance in 2020
02-23-2019, 01:15 PM,
RE: American jobs
(02-22-2019, 02:25 PM)hookup Wrote: Recent polls showing that Trump actually has a chance in 2020

Now that would be something! Oh how I`d love to see all the stupid (German) faces! I don`t care what he`s up to and what issues he has with Europe and Mercedes and everything, just to enjoy that moment would be worth it. Big Grin
10-12-2019, 09:30 AM,
RE: American jobs
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