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American jobs
07-26-2018, 09:16 AM,
American jobs
07-26-2018, 09:26 AM,
RE: American jobs
07-26-2018, 12:56 PM,
RE: American jobs
I believe he does that deliberately. It is his way of starting controversity and get what is called "reach" in the age of viral marketing and social media. There are far too many blatantly stupid lies, "oopsies" and the like for my understanding. He always knew how to thrieve on negative and positive attention alike.

Hawnjigs I have no doubt about your good intentions but when you post stuff like this, you are actually doing his job. Trump supporters can read for themselfes.
07-26-2018, 02:52 PM,
RE: American jobs
It has turned into a media circus with each side trying to draw attention to their center stage. Sad, but i no longer believe any news outside the local stuff i read. : Co-Founder
07-26-2018, 03:40 PM,
RE: American jobs
(07-26-2018, 02:52 PM)AtticaFish Wrote: .... i no longer believe any news outside the local stuff i read.

That was the plan.
07-28-2018, 09:46 AM,
RE: American jobs
Politicians & their journalist sidekicks are like us, they do what they gotta do to survive, and apparently sensational digs at the other side bad guys are now necessary to keep their jobs. God gave us all some measure of rational discernment to analyze and decide. I try to separate actual facts from alternate ones, and pics and documents are generally better than words. I also feel a duty as an American citizen to NOT just fluff off "they're all a bunch of crooks so why bother" and disconnect.

Seems to me the "oopsies" are the product of incompetence rather than willful planning. I believe that Noam Chomsky nailed it when he determined our President was a distraction being tooled by those with quiet agendas. Divide and conquer allowing inflammatory political, economic, racial, pretty much anything possible separation between sides. Hate Trump, Clinton, Obama, and you have lost your ability for rational examination. The masters of deceit will never call attention to themselves - Kochs, Wall St., Russia, Rothschilds - the more powerful they are the more layers of puppets will shield them.

The bottom line question could be "Who stands to gain from a divided citizenry and increasing income inequality?" And how?

No, I'm not returning to political posting on the forum, but hoping these 2 pics MIGHT in some small way help us regain our value of honesty.
07-28-2018, 04:43 PM,
RE: American jobs
Quote:That was the plan.

That was not Trumps plan. I've hated the Clinton News Network (CNN) for their liberal bias for the past 30 years. I read Bezos' Washington Post and its just as bad. Fox is biased on the right,so is Breitback and The Hill, but they are not as nasty as the liberal news networks.

GDP is up almost 5% this month. Unemployment is down. I've made my salary many times over in the market the past two years

Say what you want about the man, but I'm not complaining about how he's turned the economy around in the past two years

And unlike my relatives in Germany, I get to keep most of what I earn
07-28-2018, 06:31 PM,
RE: American jobs
(07-28-2018, 04:43 PM)hookup Wrote: And unlike my relatives in Germany, I get to keep most of what I earn

Touchez! Beat-up
07-29-2018, 12:52 PM,
RE: American jobs
(07-28-2018, 04:43 PM)hookup Wrote: Say what you want about the man, but I'm not complaining about how he's turned the economy around in the past two years

Icon14 Icon14  Also think that he's got all the "professional politicians" scared because he's getting things done in a timely manner. They don't want us to know that things can actually GET DONE if you put some effort to it not like it has been in the past. Oh yeh Hawn, don't forget Soro's on the left either!
07-29-2018, 06:45 PM,
RE: American jobs
Anyone remember how all the " experts " re-acted to Trump's promise of growing the economy at a 4 % rate or better ? They claimed he was living in past and it was a pipe dream. What was it this past quarter ? Lowest unemployment rate  in history. Sorry folks he is doing something right.

Hillary was so confident of victory. She was marketing the influence of the Presidency by contributions made to the Clinton Foundation. If you doubt it look at post elections contributions to Clinton Foundation as to the prior election contributions.

Leftists believe that USA is the biggest root  problem in the world. In no way can I agree with that agenda. Leftist also love socialism. Which is a form of government that has not worked anywhere else in the world. But it is going to work here ? I worked with too many immigrants that fled countries that did have it. They found it mind boggling that any American thought that socialism was the answer to anything.

Trump was not my choice in the primary. He has proved me wrong by his accomplishments.
AKA- hays47

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