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Mustad Skipjack’s, updated 6/30
06-30-2018, 03:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-04-2018, 03:00 AM by duffy.)
Mustad Skipjack’s, updated 6/30
Got to take a quick peek at the Mustads that I ordered. They look pretty good and appeared to be a bit heavier. This AM I grabbed a mic and compared with a EC that was close by and it appears that the mustads are about .004 heavier. I’ll have to check closer maybe tonight to make sure I was comparing same sizes but they seem stiffer.

Ok, measured some #4" and 2/0's tonight. 
EC Nasty #4  .027
Matzu #4      .029
Mustad SJ     .032
Mustad also had a .120 longer shank

EC Nasty #2/0 .036
Matzu     #2/0 .037
Mustad   #2/0 .040
All were the same length but the bends are a little different I suppose for patent reasons. Sharpness seems to be about the same but I haven't checked the whole bag. Have to see how they hold up to the stress test when I get around to that. Someone here has probably already gone through that.
With the larger shank I'm hoping to eliminate the flashing on the shanks and up around the eye's on a couple of my molds. Was more of a problem on a couple of hilts that I have.

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