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Gotta luv the barter
05-24-2018, 11:46 AM,
Gotta luv the barter
Got a buddy who's a plumber 

Had a small leak under the sink & decided to call him instead of throwing my back out figuring it out then fixing it

We usually be fishing, hunting, motorcycles, guns when he's here and last time I gave him a couple dozen jigs as a tip

The leak turned into a bit more work than we though, so after he spent two hours and was done he asked if I had any more of those jigs - I said sure and gave him some 

When I asked him how much I owe him, he was reluctant to take any money at first, but said $75.  I gave him a dozen more jigs

Gotta luv the barter system
06-01-2018, 04:20 PM,
RE: Gotta luv the barter
That's the best way to do it! I gave a handful of my jigs to a guy out on the water once and we BS'ed for a little while. He wanted to pay me for the jigs but i refused. Talked about our work while we fished and he ended up walking in my store with a bottle of sangria he brewed himself a week later. : Co-Founder
06-03-2018, 01:27 PM,
RE: Gotta luv the barter
Home made wine ..

There's a song out there about that somewheres ....
06-05-2018, 07:54 PM,
RE: Gotta luv the barter
I've got a buddy in OK that supplies me with Turkey and Duck feathers. I keep him supplied in flies Smile
Peace, Love, and Vegetable Rights!

Eat Meat and Save the Plants!
06-05-2018, 08:23 PM,
RE: Gotta luv the barter
I do the same for lead

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