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Not happy with Barlow`s housebrand pp
03-07-2018, 02:59 PM,
Not happy with Barlow`s housebrand pp
I was reminded today that Barlow`s housebrand expoxy based powder paint is a bit cloggy. I made a new batch of my sage sandeel back mix which is based on clear epoxy and wondered why it looked so awfull. Then it ocurred to me that I used the Barlows stuff instead of Pro Tec. Good news is that a 1:1 blend with Pro Tec is sufficent to make the mix flow better again which is easiely done with a clear based mix. For dipping, it may not make much of a difference allthough it is hard to get into flow in a fluid bed. For brush tapping though, I find the difference dramatic. Pro Tec is much, much nicer to work with either way.

[Image: 32028364mh.jpg]
03-09-2018, 10:02 AM,
RE: Not happy with Barlow`s housebrand pp
I have noticed a difference in some powders being very heavy and clumped together. They just don't dust off a tapped brush as easily. Never thought of the being made from different materials. Thanks for the tip.

Curious about your paint job on these. Is the belly side a silver powder or is that just the metal? It is very nice and shiny color. A neat thing you can do is use a very dark green or even black just on the top side of the lure first. If you have enough clear mixed into your green, the green tapped on second will become somewhat transparent and you will see just a hint of the dark color under the green.

That pattern, as you have it, would be excellent to match the emerald shiners of Lake Erie. : Co-Founder
03-09-2018, 10:28 AM,
RE: Not happy with Barlow`s housebrand pp
Its just a clear mix over raw tin. Base is 2 parts "camo green" from a local supplier - Watermelon will do - 1 part very fine gold glitter pigment, and 3 parts lime psycho candy green or something, watered down with a lot of clear. I find it important to mix in some candy to get a nice fluid tone.

Only problem with one-sided brush taping over tin is you don`t get foil to stick over the rough edge where the paint ends and the bare tin starts. Had a full range of flutter jigs which lost their die cuts soon after they got wet which was humiliating. Foil will only stick either to plain tin or full cover paint.

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