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PB Largemouth
02-27-2018, 11:26 PM,
PB Largemouth
Really nice day here for February so I decided to fish for a few hours before the rain comes back. Water at the lake was still  fairly clear even with all the rain we got recently so I stayed with the black hair jig with flash that I had been using this year.  I saw a large dark spot out  in the lake and brought my jig through it foul hooking a shad about 8 inches long so started fishing the area down wind of them and caught three bass in the 15-18 inch range. Decided to fish on the upwind side and hooked up on the first cast with something big, thought it was a carp since I saw a wide body briefly when I hooked it so was playing it like I didn't care if it got off. Finally got it close enough to see and really got excited and backed off the drag since I was using 6.6 lb. Tectan which has a diameter less than most 4 lb. mono. It took probably over 5 minutes to work her in and get a thumb in her mouth, then used both hands to lift her out. Nobody around for me to get a picture with her but snapped a couple pictures and laid her by my rod for reference since I didn't have a scale or measuring tape. To give you an idea on length, where the blue threads on the rod is 17.5 inches so think she was at least 25" plus the fattest bass I've ever seen personally. Probably ate a couple of those shad before she ate my 3/32 black jig for dessert. Previous biggest was 8.5 but she was a lot fatter than that one and heavier too. I think it was over 9 and might have been pushing 10lbs. I haven't kept a bass since the early 90's and had her out of the water around a minute before getting her back in the water. My son said I should have kept her but fish like that should be caught more than once. Also pictured is the jig I caught it with, easy tie using black craft hair and just a little flash. Pictures won't download because I down loaded them from my phone and don't know how to resize them, will try again tomorrow with daughter's help.

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