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Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
02-19-2018, 02:28 PM,
Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
Man, I luv jigging for trout, speshly since my area has moving open water opportunity in Winter.  In the cold season their colors intensify, particularly red around the gills and midline stripe.  And altho they don't seem to jump as much in colder water,  what a beautiful sight to behold when they do !

I've only been specifically targeting and tying jigs for trout since 2010, but have been making up for lost time with a passion.  Evolved from 8-10" stockers to 12-15" holdovers to 16-20" chunkies no longer bothering with the previous been there done that stage, facilitated by continual off the beaten path exploration.

Anyway, my best choice jig now is a #4 or #2 hook #1 prop Boolie - black head, black or dark brown fur, Flashabou accents.  I like a 1/12 oz HU head version, my bud Jon prefers a 1/10 oz ball head and in fact he outfished me yesterday getting five 20"+ beauties.  Reposting a pic of the HU version.


OK, I've shown you mine, show me yours.
02-19-2018, 08:29 PM,
RE: Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
It's been years since I've caught a Trout. We moved recently, and about 1/2 mile (as the crow flies) from my new home is a Trout hole in a stocked lake. Unfortunately, I have to drive about 4 miles, launch, then paddle my kayak probably 2 miles to get to this hole. There's another lake about 10 miles away that gets stocked, and I've been told when/where/how to get them. Maybe this year I'll get after them.

There's one stream in my county that is stocked. Unfortunately, access is problematic, at best. It's almost completely bordered by private property. Even then, it's barely a trickle. Maybe 3' wide, and probably less than 6" deep....

Back in Oklahoma, my home lake was stocked with Trout in the Winter. Go-to lures Little Cleo's, Super-Dupers, and powerbait on a small treble. There was one gent using 1/80th oz jigs (or smaller), painted and tied with marabou, that he would cast with a fly rod and fish the jig under a strike indicator.

Last year, I bought a book on making and fishing in-line spinners for Steelhead, written by a gent that had lived in Michigan most of his life. I've made a couple of the ones he has listed. He had a formula to follow that was dictated by water temp, then available light. I need to get some more stuff so I can make more of the ones he had listed.
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02-20-2018, 01:45 PM,
RE: Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
in-lines, super dupers, cast masters all work

Or best is a black gnat on 2# test thrown with a slip bopper on UL spinning gear
02-20-2018, 03:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-20-2018, 03:46 PM by Bucho.)
RE: Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
For stocked bows, I`d always go with a boolie like the one Jigger John send me. When it comes to browns however, I find  the slip jig hands down the best lure I could think of. Following the "Haarwaschl" tradition, one of the very few homeshopped lures here that stood up against industrial merchandise, it is a bit modernized with soft finn racoon instead of coarse deer hair and a nice tin head instead of blunt lead. Although fairly large - about the size of a little finger-  the run-through desing allows the hook to be placed very far back and hooks the most careful nibbler.

The larger sandeel version for salt water has distinguished itself as a game changer in clear and warm water where a couple years ago folks used to leave seatroutfishing up to fly anglers altogether. The pics both show a 1/8th cavity tin head (2,5gr), the sandeel jig is fished up to 1/2oz cavity (10gr). The small head version however can be used with a 3/4-1oz bombarda casting bobber for extra range. 

[Image: 31889741hh.jpg]

[Image: 31889742dv.jpg]
02-25-2018, 08:08 AM,
RE: Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
(02-19-2018, 02:28 PM)Hawnjigs Wrote: .... I like a 1/12 oz HU head version, my bud Jon prefers a 1/10 oz ball head and in fact he outfished me yesterday getting five 20"+ beauties. ...

I learned the hard way that banana underspins don´t work, you need a center balanced head or the jig will push into the blade.

I love your HU design (frankly I envie it) but its not balanced. If the tail hangs down, the prop might suffer from poor stream. Not an issue under fast retrieve, but I can imagine a center balanced head might give you an edge on cold water slow presentation.
02-25-2018, 12:21 PM,
RE: Favorite Trout Jigs / Lures?
Indeed, the reason there are so many jighead choices is that the one perfect do-it-all design might be physically impossible.

So, while a center balance head MIGHT be a better Boolie head choice for slow steady retrieves, the HU tie or plastic attachment + propeller spin will tend to resist tail dive and at effective retrieve speed the HU jigs swims level enuf. The upward plane HU seems to avoid bottom snags better than a ball head. Your wire thru heads, Bucho, offer similar performance advantages of a forward line attachment balance.

And, Jon's ball head Boolies do NOT always outfish my BooHUs.

Had to look up "Super Dupers", never tried one, but the designer appears to be a tech genius !

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