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Like Salmon?
10-13-2017, 01:45 PM,
Like Salmon?
Yah, me too.  Raw quality tuna is the only other fish that comes close to the ecstatic consumption experience.  We all here share a love of fishing, tackle crafting, and most of us eating fish, so I thought it was noteworthy to post this.

Those who took the time to learn about Scott Pruitt's anti-environmental history were appalled that he was appointed head of the EPA and aren't surprised that he favored FOREIGN developers to possibly destroy a significant American resource with little benefit for US:
1.The mineral rights and the project are controlled by Canadian, British, Australian and Japanese corporations.
2.The mine may not provide significant tax revenue to the state. Due to Alaska's tax structure, oil and gas drilling returns over 20% of resource value to the state and municipalities, fishing returns 1% to 5%, and mining returns approximately 1.5%.

How special is Bristol Bay?
Bristol Bay is home to the world's largest salmon run. All five Eastern Pacific species spawn in the bay's freshwater tributaries. Commercial fisheries include the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery. The Kvijack River has the single largest red salmon run in the world.[16] The Kvijack drains from Lake Iliamna, which is downstream of the deposit. Along with herring and other fisheries, salmon account for nearly 75% of local jobs.[17]

  • supplies roughly 50% of the world’s commercial supply of wild sockeye salmon.

  • generates more than $480 million a year in revenue, and

  • employs 14,000 full and part-time workers.

Right, CNN is fake news cus our President says so.  Expect Fox News to enter the dialog at some point completely disregarding decades of scientific studies and touting "jobs" and developer Northern Dynasty's promises.
10-13-2017, 10:25 PM,
RE: Like Salmon?
Someone needs to beat the crap out of that POS. America is being gutted and raped by these a holes. DAPL and now this. Meanwhile we have to pay for these swamp animals to fly around on private planes too.
I can not understand how these swamptards don't accept science - everything they are doing is to make a quick buck at the people & planet earth's expense. Aholes are crapping on the life of kids and grandkids of the future.

America was really great in 1450. : Co-Founder
10-14-2017, 12:54 AM,
RE: Like Salmon?
Went for a haircut today. Barber Bud does a terrific job and like most small towns most of the men patronize his bizness, so there's practically always guys waiting patiently for their turn. Everyone knows each other, cept me, and pretty much the only conversation was, guys dropping names of players both pro and local as if they knew them personally. I mean, BIG going ons out there, disasters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California, and not a peep about them. Doubt that many are even aware of the Pebble Mine or Dreamers. Nothing against these good hard working people, just dismayed that they are stuck in the platitude bubble created by Fox News and unable to realize they're being played to remain ignorant of actual reality.

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