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Do-it Flutter JIG
04-12-2018, 11:10 AM,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
Finally got around to modifying the Do-it Swim Jig mold and indeed the Mustad S74 DT hooks looked really good. Couldn't find the stainless version here but the Duratin has perfect sharp points and is strong enuf for anything I can imagine. You were right Bucho about best hook fits - 1/8 #4, 1/4 1/0, and 3/8 2/0 for compact size - no room for tail ties tho.

Briefly field tested the 1/8 #4 version yesterday and altho skeptical about the plain drab appearance of the unpainted and unadorned slab think the muted textured sheen of bare metal resembled a natural baitfish enuf to trigger two trout strikes - a 16" and surprising big girl around 6#. The rounded surfaces of the SJ slab do NOT create as much inherent action like flat side Do-it Flutter Jig, but the Swim Jig does twitch dart sufficiently to attract, trout anyway.

Altho the already tested and proven FJ has noticeably more vigorous action than the SJ, I really like the single hook curved slab concept which doesn't seem to line foul or twist like a swinging treble straight slab. And, the availability of the compact 1/8 size SJ only 1-1/4" long with a #4 hook seems promising for not only trout but warm water predators surface feeding on tiny fresh shad spawn later in the Summer.

Thanks to Murray for getting me interested in adding slab jigs to my repertoire.
04-13-2018, 09:46 AM,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
(04-12-2018, 11:10 AM)Hawnjigs Wrote: ...Altho the already tested and proven FJ has noticeably more vigorous action than the SJ,  I really like the single hook curved slab concept which doesn't seem to line foul or twist like a swinging treble straight slab. ...

Since this thread is named "Flutter Jig" and not "I`ll go with the SJ anyway because I like a big ol`single", I would like to draw your attention on "inline" lure single hooks sporting a very large eye that fits over a split ring. This eye is so big that you can easyly slip in a swivel or wire form without thermal treatment or anything. Just thread the lure or swivel onto the hook, let it rest on the eye slit, and then open it just enough to let it slip through. This way the flexibility of the steel works in your favour. More often than not you don`t even have to close the eye, it springs back. Since my beloved Matzuo open eye Siwash hooks are numbered and I turn to VMC instead, I just made a test run with three dozen swiveled Shad Spoons this way - quick work, no breakage.

The Package says "super light" but I find them rather sturdy and have no doubt they will not be the weakest link in a chain that works a 1/4oz slab. The pictures show that they spring back and close not 100% but still even better than you would achive with an open eye siwash.

[Image: 32383823zb.jpg]

[Image: 32383818er.jpg]
04-13-2018, 12:30 PM,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
Dunno why the package says "super light" when the VMC hook is obviously not, and the mfg. website calls it "1x". Great design, and good idea by VMC to offer them in smaller sizes than similar Mustad "Kaiju". Flexing the eye to insert is certainly a unique and practical idea.

Regardless, I'll always prefer fixed to swing hooks. Probably cast the larger sizes "Swim Jigs" in tin and maybe file the bottom convex surface a bit flatter for more efficient plane. Since the "swim" performance is mediocre at best, my best use here will be for long casting wiper boils.

Or maybe learn from Murray how to bottom slab walleyes and big catfish.
07-04-2018, 07:24 PM,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
OK, the shad spawn are bout 1" and a few smaller wipers 15-17" are straying into the outlet canal, tho wiper EXPERT Neil mentioned we're still at least a few weeks out from school boils when the shad fry hit 1-1/2"+.

So, got to test the 1/8 size Swim Jig with #4 S74S hooks recommended by Bucho and got two, one twitched against and one with the current flow retrieves. Not a bunch, but successful considering the limited resource, evidenced by 4 bait dunkers getting nuthin along that stretch of canal.

Its a keeper, out of the mold and onto the line with no ties or tails necessary.
07-13-2018, 07:52 PM,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
Wiper action is picking up, with the inlet pool a better choice than the outlet canal. Meatheads dunking minnows harvesting well over the limit of one fish 16"+, but C&R lure chukkers are getting a fair share. My most effective bite getter remains a 3" Gulp! Minnow jig but local wiper MASTER Neil continues to get bigger fish than anyone by switching between blades, "doll fly" jigs, and who knows what else. But, first field test of the plain unpainted 1/4 1/0 size Swim Jig was successful, longer casting than jigs & got a few to bite. Looking forward to taking advantage of the Swim Jig attributes when the wind turns in your face nasty and/or the wipers are boiling.

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