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Do-it Flutter JIG
8 hours ago,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
(10-20-2017, 02:20 PM)jiggerjohn Wrote: ... I cut these 1/2" thick bodies into cross sections of about 3/8" high cylinders, or "cans" as I call them. Placing the hook through the flat bottom and out the top, a normal swim jig hook or HU sized hook will have the can sitting upright (like a soup can) with its circumference acquiring the water flow during retreive. This yields more action than most wobbling plugs or many standard spoon types, for a lead swim jig! These "cans" can also be cut from cross sections of standard soft plastic senko types or fatter plastic worms/grubs. Fit the height of these cylinders to the gap size of your hook, or experiment to find the best size for the amount of wobble desired. Of course these "cans" are small,but give a flash of color and maybe look like a wide swinging minnow tail (tho the whole jig zig-zags). Best thing I've found to actionize a lead bodied lure!...

The way I understood you is like this - but it doesn`t work at all

[Image: 30733448rc.jpg]
6 hours ago,
RE: Do-it Flutter JIG
Hi Bucho, You have the right idea,but this particular jig body may be a bit heavy for the size "can" that you show ;try a bit thicker (circumference) plastic, and more height for the cylinder. Also I've found, at least on Hawn's wonderful wide HU heads that if I ELEVATE the cylinder by having the point come thru the plastic at about 3/4 of the top end , that wobbling motion is greatly enhanced. Experiment with this -know you're going to like it!

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