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Trout Hold Discovery
04-16-2017, 05:54 AM,
Trout Hold Discovery
Driving down a public back road on Friday was lucky to come upon a farmer surveying his domain on an atv.  He was nice enuf to chat when I asked for water access advice, and invited me to use a gated "road", closing the gates behind me of course.  The ruff track thru pasture ended at a small creek, which I crossed to trek thru trail less wild country a few hundred yards to one of the rivers running thru the area.  It didn't looked promising at all, wide & shallow with no pools or rock structure.  Water quality however was nicely clear and current brisk so I started bank walking upstream hoping to find water deep enuf to hold trout. The sand silt tended to level out the bottom without allowing pool formation, even around bends. The only breaks in the underwater desert scape were few & far between downed trees lying perpendicular from their bank falls. The trees weren't very big but they did create a small eddy gouge under and below the dead branch mass, open water maybe the size of a bathtub.  With no better option I cast into them mostly on the opposite bank with my current trout go-to 2-1/2" Gulp! Minnows on 1/15 oz. jig heads, losing a few in the branches as even after over 50 years of practice my accuracy skills are mediocre.  Surprisingly tho some of these micro "holes" held a trout or two, and I ended up with 8, three healthy wild 12" and the remaining 5 solid 18-20" chunks walking about a mile of river bank. Considering the effort to get to this area and the discouraging appearance, doubt if many if any have enjoyed this resource.  All released of course, as I never keep fragile wild area trout.

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