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Night Zander Jig
11-30-2016, 09:26 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Beautiful fish! Does the shore access to the zander last all winter or at some point does the canal get locked in with ice? Unseasonably warm here so i should be able to keep fishing from shore for a while.

Yep......... i am going to have to try something similar to this. Since i do not pour my own stuff though, going to have to make due with some adjustments to the basic design and figure a way to attach an extended treble out the back. I have tried using the add on stinger hooks but they always get fouled up around the main hook and end up being almost as much trouble as having more than one treble. : Co-Founder
11-30-2016, 09:47 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
We usually have mild, unstable winter weather. I´ts only every second year that ponds build up enough ice for skating and so. With all the traffic and turbulence, the canal hardly ever closes. Not sure about the upper water column bite though, its the first season I´ve tried this. Surface bite was supposed to be a summer phenomenon, only recently folks found out the night bite gets even better in winter when the water clears and daytime fishing becomes more difficult. They are said to become sluggish and stay deeper in very cold water though, we´ll see!
11-30-2016, 10:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-30-2016, 10:59 AM by AtticaFish.)
RE: Night Zander Jig
It is interesting that the 'night bite' is somewhat a new thing over there.  People go crazy here on Lake Erie during the Fall and it has been going on since i was a youngster.  Shore fishing usually starts the end of October and goes right up until the ice starts to form.  On cold nights you have to keep putting the end of your rod in your mouth to melt the eyes so you can keep casting.  They line up on the piers and rip-rap break walls and cast all hours of the night.  It gets busy in favorite spots where people show up before sunset to claim their spot!  Lots of people also troll from boats just out beyond the reach of shore anglers.  The best spots to fish change each night depending on where the shad school up.  The walleye come in close to feed on those shad.... and man do they get FAT on them!  Here is a picture that was posted on a local forum of a guy who was out just last night. (I did not catch these fish) That top fish is that stuffed with shad but still bit his lure!


What is strange though, is that back when i first got introduced to this style of fishing (late 80's - early 90's), almost every single guy casting from shore was using a Rat-L-Trap style lure.  You would cast out and count down then start reeling.  The point was to try and keep the bait just off the bottom and even bumping the bottom every once in a while.  We would loose a lot of those lures down in the rocks.  I always assumed that those fish were staying tight to the bottom.  Now, pretty much every person is using the shallow diving stick baits and really only fishing the top 10 feet of water.  My guess is that there is a mix of shallow and deep fish out there the whole time. : Co-Founder
12-05-2016, 06:01 PM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Brought a fishing buddy tonight to help me getting decent no-dirt-no-lying-on-the-ground-pics suitable for advertising in forums that promote C&R. At first he did a good job netting and fotographing my 20" average zander, but then he found it appropiate to dwarf it and make a big Woo-ha with a 35" specimen.  So rude!

[Image: 27636545pz.jpg]

[Image: 27636546dg.jpg]
12-06-2016, 11:24 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Really nice fish, did you get a weight on the 35 incher?
12-06-2016, 04:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-06-2016, 04:01 PM by Bucho.)
RE: Night Zander Jig
No, unfortunately, its an exceptional catch way beypnd Nils´s "kitchen window" and was released a.s.a.p.. He is a far more experienced zander angler than I am. Under daytime fishing his aggressive presentation of small plastics usually gets him 5-10 times more contacts and 2 times more landed fish than my calmly swum hairjigs, though this was the first time he got the bigger specimen. We started out on daytime and after 7 hours of fishing without a single contact he was getting raising concerns about getting skunked. He even whined about not ever having caught a 80cm fish in his 4 years of very intensive canal angling - had lost 2 but never landed one...
The fish took a 4" or so naturally colored shallow running stick bait.
10-18-2017, 05:43 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Zander night bite has caught on here recently. Getting 1-3 bites an evening, nice sizes around 20-25"

[Image: 30676579hg.jpg]
[Image: 30669926gy.jpg]
[Image: 30669929hc.jpg]

Had been outfished by a "clown" color crank several times so I added the color to the arsenal. Very happy with it.
10-19-2017, 08:39 PM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Your gold flashy zander look prettier than our walleye, and better fed than the ones I WAS getting in the Spring. Do they fight good?

What are your favorite recipes or styles of preparation for the table?
10-20-2017, 03:03 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Nope. Only on rare occasions do they make a run, they usually just shake their head or buckle a bit from left to right. Even the 35" monster took nothing but a tight line and 2 min or so to get netted. Next to plaice they`re one of my favorite eating fish, though. I got into the habit of scaling them on the spot and fry the filets on the skin with just a little garlic and rosemary.
To be exact, I am planning to keep the tail sections for such stir frying and use the thicker front half for some asian style deep frying stuff. Many cold winters ago I lived a few months in Singapore and was very enthusiastic about the food there. So I went into a book store and brought home an authentic seefood cookbook - or what I thought would be one...  Smile Anyway, many recepies yet to be tried out!

[Image: 30695638uv.jpg]
11-01-2017, 09:26 AM,
RE: Night Zander Jig
Zander night bite is in full swing. 3-7 contacts an evening. Yesterday I tried a dark variant with a #5 salmon tube double hook and limited in less than 2 hours: 62, 65 and 54cm. Als three bites safely landet on light tackle. I was thinking singles for penetration but we`ve had several nights now with fish only pushing the lure, barely touching it, asking for beaked 3-d-grip so to speak. The double hook penetrated very well even in the boney upper jaw. Below the crank that gave the idea for the color.
[Image: 30824114cn.jpg]

[Image: 30824115xj.jpg]
[Image: 30824118ro.jpg]

[Image: 30824119yj.jpg]

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