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Cross another off the species list!
06-08-2018, 06:53 PM,
RE: Cross another off the species list!
better list, Fish ohio and these are all edible not that I would, but I kinda set in my ways


Blue Catfish 35 inches
Brown Trout 20 inches
Bowfin 23 inches
Bullhead 14 inches
Carp 28 inches
Channel Catfish 26 inches
Crappie 13 inches
Flathead Catfish 35 inches
Hybrid-Striped Bass 21 inches
Largemouth Bass 20 inches
Longnose Gar 34 inches
Muskellunge 40 inches
Northern Pike 32 inches
Rainbow Trout 28 inches
Rock Bass 9 inches
Sauger 16 inches
Saugeye 21 inches
Sucker 20 inches
Spotted Bass 15 inches
Sunfish 9 inches
Wishing all, Tight Lines and Bent wriggling rods!
06-09-2018, 01:22 PM,
RE: Cross another off the species list!
Quote:geez how many edible (!) species of fish do you people have over there?!

For me fishing is for sport - I rarely eat anything I catch. Especially bass - not that I don't like them, it's just I've studied these fish so much they are like my pets.

But yes, we are very fortunate to have a huge variety of fish available to chase. In the panfish community alone, there's a bunch of fish I've caught - red breasted panfish, blue gill, ozark bass, roanoke bass, red eyes, redear, and many more.

Soon, I'm venturing up north - if I get a walleye or three, they'll be saved for hot butter & oil - but small mouth, pike, and any lake trout will be returned for another day
06-11-2018, 01:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-11-2018, 01:33 PM by duffy.)
RE: Cross another off the species list!
Had a old Vet in our collage automotive class that could smoke up carp that tasted like trout/salmon. He had quite a process and from what I can remember he would filet them, take off the skin and cut out all the lateral line. Then soak overnight in a baking soda mixture, rinse well, season and smoke. He also said you could soak in a salt water mix. He brought some over to class and most of the guys thought it was salmon. Big Grin It was pretty good but still had just a little "mud" flavor to it, but so does trout sometimes. On time Infisherman magazine was showing how to catch and prepare sucker's to eat. That's one I don't think I could try. Have a hard enough time getting them off the hook let alone eat one. I'll stick with perch, walleye and bass.....the other white meat. Smile
06-11-2018, 03:19 PM,
RE: Cross another off the species list!
Asian do a good job on carp - but I guess if you add enough garlic & chili oil to anything it'll taste good

Growing up were were poor - Dad was an E-4 or E-5 and we would keep everything. Mom use to make whatever we caught and good/bad/ugly we'd eat it because we were hungry

I remember once I foul hooked a carp in a Rod-n-Gun club pond in Germany and we ate for almost a week off of that. Mom was an excellent cook and prepared it differently each day.
06-11-2018, 09:54 PM,
RE: Cross another off the species list!
Many of the Facebook groups I'm on here in MI talk about Smoked Sucker. They refer to them as "Michigan Tuna". During the run in early Spring, you can catch a bunch. Hopefully next year I'll be able to get into some. Most folks fillet them, brine them overnight, then smoke them. After that, they get turned into a dip and folks eat the dip while watching sports.....

I've heard that Carp is very good. You just have to know how to clean/cook it. I've seen some videos on Youtube. Never tried it myself.
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