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Flats Jig Deceiver
05-04-2016, 09:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-04-2016, 10:30 PM by Barefoot.)
Flats Jig Deceiver
I am going to paint and tie up some of these 3/16th, 1/0 flats heads using a deceiver pattern to target Speckled Trout. I usually use these heads for tying shrimp patterns to crawl on the bottom but I noticed that they swim really well and do not foul much in the grass.
I figure that pattern should imitate a mullet pretty well. Is anyone familiar with this style of head being used as a swim jig and tying a deceiver on a jig head?
The heads:
[Image: FullSizeRender%2035.jpg]
The pattern:
[Image: HerringDeceiver1.jpg]
05-04-2016, 11:47 PM,
RE: Flats Jig Deceiver
Love the general idea. Might be a decent option for some of the walleye in the shallow/snaggy areas i have been fishing using the HooksUp head from Hawnjigs. I am wondering if a spun deer hair with the front end chopped down to the jig shape would work for a similar pattern. Keep in mind that deceivers you want to keep somewhat sparse though...... with their overall size they can have a HUGE amount of action in the water if tied sparse. Remember to flip the color pattern, the hook will ride up.

Another option might be to add a 'hitch hiker' type of wire to the hook eye and tie on that instead of the hook shank? Just thinking here............... if your are flat fishing (casting and horizontal retrieving in shallow water) on sand bottom with a slow retrieve the hair/feather tied on a 'hitch hiker' style wire should be right in the general area of the hook point. : Co-Founder

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