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Plastic bags...
05-15-2019, 09:39 AM,
Plastic bags...
"The plastic we throw away after a single use never truly degrades. Instead, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. We now know this process can continue until plastic forms an invisible dust of extremely tiny particles.

When these particles are smaller than 25 microns in size -- about one-third the width of a human hair -- they can enter the human body. Plastic particles as tiny as 5 microns can enter lung tissue."
05-18-2019, 08:36 AM,
RE: Plastic bags...
Give me a break! People are going bezerk over here with that stupid plastic. I cannot imagine a society more concerned with recycling and less tolerant toward any form of litter, but everybody around me acts like the indian ocean was full of plastic because we have failed to ban straws and q-tips in time. It is a problem indeed, micro fibers washing out of clothes, clensing particels in your toothpaste etc., dust from brakes and tires, it adds up. But what mostly adds up is the third world using rivers as a dump. For instance, many have no other access to safe clean water other than in plastic bottles. I don`t blame them, just saying. At least our authorities are starting to have an eye on our own exports of plastic garbage there.

The other day somebody posted a pic of a gutted cod that had swallowed a small liquor glass bottle which would eventually had killed it if it wasn`t for the angler. One spectator seriously commented "At least it was not plastic!"
05-22-2019, 11:07 PM,
RE: Plastic bags...
My German cuz gave me sheet because I use saran wrap and don't recycle it

I get crap all the time because I drive a Jeep Wrangler that doesn't get 40 mpg - had a guy in a Prius give me a hard time about my Jeep's milage. He said "I get 50 mpg in my Pruis, what do you get?". I replied "I get laid, what about you?"

Then I see a caravan of Bernie and AOC driving fleets of Chevy's with 454 engines that get about 8 mpg (I work in DC - I see it all)

I still use saran wrap and luv my Jeep
05-23-2019, 03:54 AM,
RE: Plastic bags...
(05-22-2019, 11:07 PM)hookup Wrote: I still use saran wrap and luv my Jeep

Libtards here have finally managed to push me over the edge. Parking space dismantling was the last straw.

Last summer, I online-dated a woman with only moderate income who thought could afford a little flat downtown without bothering about the parking space she needed for her humble car that got her to her job 20miles away. Kiel is a middle-sizied town of 250.000, a far cry from downtown manhattan. Speaking of "stubborn men", she mentioned a date with a city official who insisted the little people had to be "educated/trained" to abandon their cars by means of all sorts of parking and traffic restrictions. When she mentioned exclusive underground car parks and service cars, he argued that high status would indicate such people were reosonable enough not to drive around without need, hence they wouldn`t require such "training".

A lot of things can happen when two people go on a date so I didn`t take that too seriously -untlil I noticed they dismantled one of the scarce public parking strips around my place. I couldn`t figure out why until I noticed the new fancy "velo-route" they constructed. That`s a highway for bikes where even 25km/h motorbikes are banned. Its a cool thing as it is, particularly since they use an abandoned railway track that was nothing than an eye-sore.

[Image: 35817251gz.jpg] 

[Image: 35817246xl.jpg]

Then it struck me: The road had already been narrowed and the separated bike strip was perfecftly wide and safe, so the only reason for the dismantling was to get the hated ugly cars out of their field of vision.

Thing is, "green" party libtards are so well connected in science and administration, they get all the good flats in the city center where everything is close by, so all they ever care about is close transport. They literally live not more than four bus-stops from either town hall or university. Here`s a map of the 2018 community elections. 

[Image: Kommunalwahl-2018-So-hat-Kiel-gewaehlt_b...rticle.png]

Long story short, I realized I had to re-adjust my personal standpoint to climate change. While acknowledging the current climate change is as well documented as all the other ones that humanity has managed to stumble through, it is the first one that we are fully aware of on a world wide level so numerous interest groups can utilize it in their way.
05-24-2019, 06:05 PM,
RE: Plastic bags...
Libtards in the US want every one else to give up everything that pollutes but they don't want to practice what they preach

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a clean earth because I fish, but it's not the average Joe that's the problem

Come up with a viable option for fossil fuels and the oil companies buy up the pattens and lock them away because it'll cut into their profits. Same as tires - invent a product that works as well as rubber but lasts forever, the tire companies buy them the plans. Until profit & greed can be controlled, it's the same everywhere. Called the global economy.

Check out the long term effects of lithium ion batteries in cars - and the problems with recycling then. Electric cars are cut in the short term, but have their problems too.
05-24-2019, 06:10 PM,
RE: Plastic bags...
Then we have sanctuary cities with this

and this

and this

And all I hear is give them all money to not live like that - but what the politicians don't see is they take all that money and either shoot it up their veins or put it up their nose

Time for a flood
05-24-2019, 10:58 PM,
RE: Plastic bags...
Was EZ enuf for me to substitute multi-use fabric tote bags for the single use plastic bags at stores.

My main concern is pro-actively avoiding carcinogenic exposure.

Here's an article about some different types of plastics and advisories.
05-26-2019, 06:30 AM,
RE: Plastic bags...
(05-24-2019, 06:05 PM)hookup Wrote: Libtards in the US want every one else to give up everything that pollutes but they don't want to practice what they preach

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a clean earth because I fish, but it's not the average Joe that's the problem

I feel sorry for lowering the bar when it comes to respectable use of language toward groups of people. I have my reasons, though. Problem is that green/left - lets call them like that - are using climate-"protection" as we call it to drive average Joe out of town. Those who have a need for their cars are moving to the fringes and leave the "better" people alone. At the same time, those who have jobs in finance, real estate, lower white collar officials and so are also the ones which come into contact with "real-life" things like migration while high ranked oficials and scientists (=left/green) are only meeting international elite and have no imagination anyone else than a desperate political refugee would ever bother to make the dangerous journey here, not to speak of folks who would cause any kind of trouble. This enfolds far into their living environment too. Their landlords are of course picky about not-so desireable and stable migrants who instead have to move in with average Joe at the fringes - so they don`t meet them at the bakery, either. 

As a result, average Joe is becoming more and more realistic about a number of things which are completely out of the field of green/left vision. They are academics and they know it, but at the same time have entered a self-reinforcing intellectual downward spiral that is leaving them dumber as we speak. Hence my use of the term lib-tard. I find that very fitting, I wish we had a similar term in German.

As a side effect, since average Joe - who is the one that actually has to deal with migrants in one way or another - is showing higher degrees of reluctance to their "no nations-no boarders"- enthusiasm, they are spotting low income and education as a source of xenophobia and argue they need to re-distribute more money to prevent right wing "populism". And they are very, very confident aobut their judgment to say the least. Please bear in mind I am speaking to you from a country with the second highes combined quota of income tax and social isurance in the world (49,5% of average income).

So please forgive me if I went overboard with these people. They are starting to get to me. I see nothing liberal in taking my liberties. BTW when it comes to plastic, they are actually practicing what they preach, I give them that. The VW van that gets them to their birding/festival/surfing spot on the weekend is a differnt story however. Big Grin

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