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"SpinMeister" Tailspinner
07-18-2016, 05:10 PM,
"SpinMeister" Tailspinner
I don`t usually steal designs... But when I do , I consider them a starting point rather than a blunt knock off. First I`d like to point out that I don´t market north america and of course respect the pending patent for the spin doctor/Lytles secret lure. Last autumn when I introduced the shad bait lure as a far casting harbour and boat jig for cod, one of my customers noted a resemblance to the tiemco ocean spin that retails for a whopping 13 € here, about 14$. I realized that it whas a completely different lure though, and it wasn´t before I felt the need for a far casting, fast sinking yet horizontally retrieved wobbling lure that I had a few of my molds manipulated to accept a chest eyelet.

Modification of the molds was easy with my sweet engraving machine  Cool  yet fumbling the small eyelets around the insert of the small cavity was not only way too tedious for serial production but also casted out poorly. I had to cough up 2,000 € for a 5000 pcs minium (economical) order of custom wire forms, my biggest investment so far. The result how ever is worth it: Those things catch about anything that has teeth. Mackerel, Zander, Perch, Northern, whatever crosses its path, not to speak of the old cod. What strikes me most is the number of small mouthed flatfish which usually only goes after small natural bait. First time I tried the 1 1/2 oz version for cod in 30`of water, I immidiately hooked a 20" brown that threw the hook under the rod tip after a number of jumps. Consequently, I made a run-through version out of the 1oz cavity featuring a plastic insert for line protection. Works a treat. The larger 4-6oz mold makes nice lures for northern pike and offshore cod, but with the number of flounder taken by its smaller cousins, I believe it holds great potential for halibut mooching up in norway. The large spinner blade can deal with a stinger hook threaded on the same split ring. It pays off to invest a little time into blade size calibration. You`ll want the biggest colorado that doesn´t  make the tin version keel over under fast retrieve, typically a 4 for the smaller ones, a 5 for the bigger cavity and an 8 for the 4oz. This results in an enormous vibration that -believe it or not - transmitts in a way that you can feel in your bottom when trolling with a kayak!

[Image: 25902084oh.jpg]

[Image: 25902085hx.jpg]

[Image: 25677689sb.jpg]

[Image: 25677690pu.jpg]

[Image: 25677691si.jpg]

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