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Missed Hit Switch
12-30-2018, 09:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-30-2018, 09:39 PM by Hawnjigs.)
Missed Hit Switch
Dunno why it took me so long to figger, but lately when I get a good thump and miss I immediately tie on as different a jig as possible.  For example today got a solid hit & miss that felt like a goodun on a 1/10 BooHU (propeller Hooksup head) with attached 2" baitfish pearl color Ripple Shad, so tied on a 3" flat black Gulp Leech on a lighter 1/20 ball head.  Since in my experience trout will pretty much never hit the same jig twice the change from flashy quick to dull slow was enuf of a contrast to elicit another strike and soon a nice 22" male was thrashing.  Have done this successfully a few times this trout season, since my go-to search jig is a longer casting heavier high vis plastic or flash tie Boolie and pinch hitting a Gulp black leech or smaller plain black jig has proven to be a reliable second strike motivator.

Don't understand why a high commotion flailed fly can elicit multiple hits ?
01-11-2019, 02:20 PM,
RE: Missed Hit Switch
Dunno why lasts years best of my life trouting has crashed to near zero, MAYBE 1 or 2 decent ones per outing. In fact, of the 8 caught in 5 trips since Christmas 2 were repeats same fish from the same spot. So, have been switching jigs more than usual and surprise, last two trips most effective bite getter was a datedl PINK 1/16 ball head #6 Sickle back from when JiggerJohn first taught me his rabbit fur - Flashabou "Basher" tie that revolutionized my trouting. Been sitting unused around maybe 8-10 years & I recently saw some Sally Hansen red NP discount clearanced at Walmart so updated the pink tie with a red head and voila! two nice 22s yesterday one the previously mentioned Gulp black leech caught male. Reconsidering that color choices black & white are all thats needed.
02-03-2019, 11:06 AM,
RE: Missed Hit Switch
In the past when there were more trout around never considered switching jigs because after a missed hit there were others around to oblige. But this season with #s WAY down maybe 1 fish per hole and maybe 4 holes per mile at my favored moving water area changing jigs has been essential. The other day of 6 caught 3 were switch hitters. One good fish was the reverse of usual since the initiial jig was a 3" black Gulp leech (missed) and the follow up successful jig was a much smaller 1" light gray mink Boolie.

Also learned that varying retrieve direction can make a difference. After no hits casting upstream letting the current dump the jig straight into a pool, took an up current stand that allowed the jig to enter the pool at a more cross current angle. Bingo! nice 23", typically this season the sole resident of the pool.

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