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catfish on lures - scrubs - 07-31-2014

Ok it's been almost 2 years since the last catfish post but I'll ask anyway.

Back in Wisconsin I used to catch a lot of channel cats in the river on homemade mepps style spinners. Here in NM I've only had a little luck at one spot a few years back.

Any jig or jig spinner tips for me? There's a couple of places close by but I hate bait fishing. Rolleyes


RE: catfish on lures - Hawnjigs - 07-31-2014

JiggerJohn says:


And I agree. Its also probably less painful to lose a Boolie than a Spinner to a bottom snag.

RE: catfish on lures - scrubs - 07-31-2014

Cheaper anyway! That's a really nice cat. I'll have to take some Boolies along tomorrow. The place where I'm fishing the cats hang around aerators. I'll probably find em with bait then experiment with lures.


RE: catfish on lures - Pup - 07-31-2014

I really think your best bets for catching channel cats on lures with any degree of regularity would be:

1. A scented worm that you might use for black bass.
2. Chompers. Their baits are so stinky that I've ruined several tackle bags while storing them. The bags absolutely reek, seemingly permanently!

My personal best channel cat (CCF) was caught on a 6-inch scented worm. I catch the occasional CCF on spinners too. However, I'd stick with the scented baits if you intend to catch them regularly. Fish ultra-slowly on the bottom too.

RE: catfish on lures - scrubs - 07-31-2014

Got some 4" Gulps in the bag too.


RE: catfish on lures - JUNGLEJIM1 - 08-01-2014

I've caught them on about everything including buzz baits and crank baits but the best is definitely a jig. I once caught 11 channel cats in one day crappie fishing with a duck jig with a nickel plated head.

RE: catfish on lures - hookup - 08-01-2014

Just about any scented plastic on a jig will catch a cat in the mid-atlantic fluvial waters.

I've got them on grubs, senkos, tubes, and creature baits. They hit like a freight train, fight good making you think you have the smallie of a life-time until the tire out & start doing their death roll ....

[Image: 201042Doah85catfish-1.jpg]

RE: catfish on lures - Hawnjigs - 01-31-2015

Tanking advantage of an unusually mild stretch of midwest winter weather, I investigated a power plant warm water discharge canal with snow free banks. Managed 2 decent channels, 3 & 4# on a 1/4 white Boolie. But a pair of local guys outfished me 10-1 with their cut bait. Their truck bed was a slime pit of 3-5#ers. Think I'm gonna go to the new WalMart and break my plastics fast with something stinky.

Altho visual and vibration triggers will take cats, I'm guessing scent and taste become more critical at certain places & times.

RE: catfish on lures - Radtexan - 01-31-2015

All good info...I think most cats caught on anything other than cut baits and stink baits are accidental..

I have caught them on jigs,spinners,plastic worms,and cranks..Some will remember my PB cat a few years back on a 6 ' diving crank bait with 12 # test Head_scratch


RE: catfish on lures - AllenOK - 01-31-2015

Nice Flatty!

I've done a lot of reading about catfish (I used to target cats all the time). While the smaller cats, like Bullheads, and juvenille Channel and Blue cats, will scavenge and take smelly baits, the bigger ones ARE predators. They will target and consume live baits. I've read about people using deep-diving crankbaits in tailraces, as well as swimbait jigs and/or bladebaits for Flatheads. Heck, I have a buddy that targets Flatties with jigs from an inner tube! I've witnessed a guy catch two Flatheads out of the same hole using chartreuse jigs with chartreuse sassy shads.

Personally, I caught a Bullhead on size 3 Mepps Black Fury when I was a kid. Two years ago, I was Bass fishing with a Jitterbug, got a huge hit, pulled my kayak around a bit, and was surprised to see a 5 lbs Channel on the line. It wasn't snagged.