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Scud Jig Tutorial - AndyLane - 06-10-2013

After seeing StumpHunter's Stand up Shrimp Jig I've had Crustacean on the brain. Came up with this one tonight and since I took pics as I did it I thought i'd show how I tied it.

Size,Color and Tail material can vary but this is what I used for this one.

(1) 1/32 #6 ball head (smaller size head and hook might be better suited)
(2) 3/0 Light Olive Thread (Again 6/0 or 8/0 may be better)
(3) Olive Dubbing
(4) Olive Synthetic hair
(5) Olive Wapsi Scud Back material (1/8" strips of heavy ziploc plastic will work also)
(6) 4lb Mono (silver or copper wire may be better)


I started by making a bend in the hook using the shaft of a screwdriver.


Lay a thread base back to the hook bend.


Cut a small clump of synthetic hair a little longer than jig and tie it in.


Tie in the Mono or wire on top and the back material on bottom.


Using whatever technique you prefer, add the dubbing (I used dubbing loop) and wrap to the front and tie off.


Lay the back material over the dubbing and tie in at jig head.

Wrap the mono or wire up to the front to make segments and tie it off and whip finish. Do any brushing of the dubbing and give it any trimming it may need.

Insert jig in water.
Catch fish


RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - plateboater - 06-10-2013

Now that is cool!!!! Nice job

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - StumpHunter - 06-10-2013

Nice work Andy! Awesome tye that should work and does fall right in with my Standup Shrimp Jig. Very good tutorial Smile

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - AtticaFish - 06-10-2013

Excellent looking jig - very buggy! Cool Thanks for posting.

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - LedHed - 06-10-2013

Great tutorial - excellent jig

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - Hawnjigs - 06-10-2013

Nice tie, but aren't scud pattern hooks usually inbent rather than out?

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - hookup - 06-10-2013

Nice technique - thx for sharing

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - Bo_G - 06-10-2013

That is awesome Andy!Icon14

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - AndyLane - 06-11-2013

(06-10-2013, 02:46 PM)Hawnjigs Wrote: Nice tie, but aren't scud pattern hooks usually inbent rather than out?

My logic may be off on this and if it is i'd like someone to correct me cause I'd like to know. Yes you are right bout the scud hooks. They are normally tied with the back up and the hook down.

(random internet pic)

My assumption is that a normal scud fly will ride hook down in the water. Being that I am tying it on a jig hook its going to ride hook up. I figured if I tied it like you would a fly hook it would be upside down in the water. Does it matter? Maybe....Prolly.....Prolly Not. :Huh

RE: Scud Jig Tutorial - Hawnjigs - 06-12-2013

OK, your bend makes sense since fly & jig point attitudes are reversed. Just that your hook point angle looks like one of my bendouts from lost fish.