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The Auto - LedHed - 05-28-2013

1/32nd roundhead jig #8 Matzuo sickle hook
painted with black diamond dust powderpaint
3mm glow in the dark eyes
3/0 fluourescent chartreuse thread - body
UV Krystalflash - tail
Reptile rubber - legs & tail


Lay down a 3/0 fluorescent chartreuse thread

Add 8 strands of UV chartreuse Krystalflash

Tye on 4 Strands of reptile rubber or silicon rubber

Split the arms with a figure 8 tye

Whip finish

You can tye this style in a lot of different color combos and use various legging/arm material.

Been hesitant about posting this pattern because there are tyers out here that like to bootleg some of my patterns and sell them. Can't do anything about it - especially if it's put out on a web site...

RE: The Auto - DrCrappie - 05-29-2013

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about people stealing patterns and selling them... I was hesitant about putting my ghost minnows on here too, because they have been so succesful! I don't care if someone uses my patterns for themselves, but if they want to copy them and sell them, I think I should get a cut Wink
Those look really cool!! I'll have to try some of those!
I really like the very last pic you posted! That jig rocks! Thinner for a winner!

RE: The Auto - Ron Don - 05-29-2013

Awesome lil tie that you have come up with. You make It look simple enough too. And unfortunately Im sure somewhere out there someone will sell them!

RE: The Auto - quivira kid - 05-29-2013

Love it, Sonny. Well done on the tutorial pics. I like the looks of those olive ones!

RE: The Auto - Fatman - 05-29-2013

Sonny - Love the tutorial. Quick simple pattern that really knocks the fish!!!!

RE: The Auto - Pepop - 05-29-2013


RE: The Auto - LedHed - 05-29-2013

Thnx all. Very kid friendly tye too - Faby has fun with it, can't forget her pink auto.

RE: The Auto - redear - 05-29-2013

thanks Led! I love the simplicity of it, and heck it's just different than anything else I have thrown at them. great creativity.

RE: The Auto - Jigmaker0421 - 05-29-2013

Icon14Icon14Thanks for posting, i cant wait to tie a few up for the next fishing trip..excellent ties!

RE: The Auto - plateboater - 05-29-2013

Ledhed.....have been using rubber shirts from BassPro. Have you seen any particular material that holds up better than others for the rubber shirts.