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3" Powerbait Sale - Hawnjigs - 06-09-2019

This color and size has worked very well for me chasing wiper & wallys.


RE: 3" Powerbait Sale - Hawnjigs - 06-24-2019

Can't say if these will work for others, but they scored a 12# wiper last week & my biggest ever today est 18-20#.. Also a fair share of wallys relative to the meager resource.

Think this color may be a disco clearance, so I bought LOTS. Adding to the value, most 3" PB plastics are 10 per pack, these are 15.

RE: 3" Powerbait Sale - Hawnjigs - 06-28-2019

Last comment - today a 25+# flathead bit the Twitchtail, also confirming that a new Cadence 6'M one piece big wiper rod can handle the weight.