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Lunch Break! - AtticaFish - 04-11-2019

Been getting out on my lunch breaks again.  Sure missed doing that the last few years.  Also, a dam was demolished between my work and Lake Erie, so now the walleye can run the entire river all the way to me during the spawn that is going on right now.  Been using twister grubs instead of hair jigs just because i am shore fishing and loosing quite a few.  With the river level going down and clearing up, the smallmouth are biting.  No walleye yet.... going to head out once more this week and see what happens.  Going to be much colder and windy than the other days.

[Image: 0eab935ff86b560baa80ac6519279e3f.jpg]

[Image: a735cdc4594f66b1674d96b662b8a989.jpg]

[Image: 53dd065380ef4fb27e7ecbae0c38cf0e.jpg]

[Image: 6b0ecc7aaf67bff9a6d78a6fb15d7fb0.jpg]

RE: Lunch Break! - JUNGLEJIM1 - 04-12-2019

Nice smallies Russ, looks like you are using walleye colors to catch them. Good looking spot in the back ground, looks really fishy.

RE: Lunch Break! - hookup - 04-13-2019

You got the right color - BRONZE!

RE: Lunch Break! - Jig Man - 04-13-2019

Nice, wish I still had eyes in my country...