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Carolina Keeper vs. Slide Lock beads - Bucho - 02-17-2019

I am very happy to retail Wiggle Fin Slide Lock beads together with their action discs which help me market trolling flies. The last customer who bought them - a substantial order of nothing but beads- mentioned the name "Carolina Keeper". Turns out both are registered trademarks for a product that seems to be identical - and probably developed for a completely different aplication in the first place.

Can anybody tell me more? Carolina Keepers are unobtainable over here. Are they really the same? Do Slide Locks work equally well for c-rigs? Huh

I have no intention to cut out Deen Teagarden from Wiggle fin who is a pleasure to do business with but I would like to know if they might double for use with my offset-finesse fly range.