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Hey RD... - Jig Man - 02-14-2019

... I have been getting an arsenal together for some hand to hand combat with some crappie... Using a few jig heads reminded of you. Mel completed 7 years cancer free last week and I hope you and yours are doing well also...

First up red/black/white, has been a producer for me for a long time..


Most folks in my area know blacktrouse..

And a not so known Ketchin Karrott...


Thanks for lookin...

RE: Hey RD... - JUNGLEJIM1 - 02-15-2019

Nice looking baits, all will work here too.

RE: Hey RD... - AllenOK - 02-16-2019

Those are nice baits. Blacktruse is something I've done as well. That carrot is nice. Might have to do some of those, but I don't know how the local fish would respond. Guess there's only one way to find out Smile

RE: Hey RD... - LRB - 02-17-2019

VERY NICE !!!.... Icon14 


RE: Hey RD... - Jig Man - 02-17-2019

Hey thank you guys and gal for the replies and comments, I appreciate them. A couple more dogs that hunt out here.

A shad pattern..


And some Texas toast, with a new paint for me, Copper head. Hope ya'll like them...


RE: Hey RD... - Jig Man - 02-17-2019

Sorry about the double picture, not sure how to fix it...

RE: Hey RD... - CrappieHappy - 02-27-2019

Nice work, Mel

RE: Hey RD... - hookup - 03-01-2019


RE: Hey RD... - Ron Don - 05-30-2019

Awesome set jigs! And even better news a out Mel!

RE: Hey RD... - Superdave336 - 05-30-2019

Very nice Jig Man.