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It's that time again! Only been out a few times so far because the water temps are not really coming down all that much yet. Lots of reports from other lakes south and east of me, but not much locally. Have been getting really nice bass on previous trips, but no walleye... till tonight! Found an 18" walleye using a green back/white belly 3/16th oz. doll fly.


The bass have been more than willing to bite. Could have had a decent bag of fish for a bass tourney last night. Landed 5 with 4 of them 18" and up! Biggest went 21". Missed several other hits and lost another that was hooked up for a little bit but spit the hook. 1 on an X-Rap, 2 on black twister grubs/jigs and 2 on doll flies. Pretty fun night, hopefully get out again soon.



Sounds like a good night. Some good eats there.

Yesterday, was a good fishing day, hit the water at 8am, had our 2 man 12 walleye limit before noon all were caught 30 - 32 FOW on jigging raps, water was 61 degrees, wind started from south east and after a calm period came from north east. Bite never changed. A buddy and his GF were leaving and took our fish home and put on ice (They zero'd after fishing for 6 hours and he refuses to fish the area we fish. He says too many snags and too few fish! ) for us so we could keep fishing. Before anyone starts thinking poorly, we do not keep fish at lake minimum, were keep 18" - 22" eyes and everything else gets turned back if we think it will live. BTW we only lost 1 jigging rap and it was because I did not pay attention and got it hung in a fence row that we have located via gps and even have a fence post driven in at the bank so we know where the fence is. So if you are fishing and see a day glow orange post at the water line, get your bait out of the water.

Decided to do some scouting and picked up 9 more eyes in 4-6 FOW on jigs and crawlers, doll flys and some crazy concoctions I am working on. Find good solid structure near the bank, seems like they are holding and feeding there as well.

Left at 2pm total for the day, 71 walleye, 14 white bass, 2 bluegill, 9 crappie and 1 monster whisker fish ~35" long and 3 big 6-8" shad and 1 yellow perch ~10".

Started light rain early this AM so obviously the front is moving in. Just wish I could correlate the barometer with best fishing times. Early report today they had 9 keepers in 3 hours so bite is still strong. Occasional misty rain, air temp dropping almost 10 degrees is last 5 hours. Fall bite is coming, 7 degree colder water is what I am waiting for.
Great night of fishing thanks for sharin
A very Cool night of fishing. T-up
Nice fat wally AF, but the largies...Mama Mia !

Do you eat bass?
Kdog - The city water upground reservoirs i fish are tough to get consistent numbers from. Very little distinguishable structure to hold fish and then they scatter when the wind shifts. Hard pressed to ever catch the walleye during daylight hours. There is a guy i've been talking with a few towns over that has had a really slow start to late night fall fishing on his lakes too. OGF forum talk makes it sound like the bite at Erie piers is getting in full swing. You sure have found the fish. That size range is about ideal for eating. Pretty amazing numbers!

Hawnjigs - The week before, i caught a 22" LMB. Numbers and size are crazy at this lake and very few target them. Have been told the electric motor only regulation keeps all the serious bass fisherman away, but you can catch these beasts with no boat! Very rarely do i keep LMB. I keep a small one here and there through the ice, but make sure to soak them in milk or salt water. Pretty much always fry them as well, they have a much stronger flavor. Also will keep them if they are gut hooked and think they are not going to make it so they are not wasted.
Nice - temps were weird when I was out in Michigan but man got back here to Vermont and it be cold!!!
WTG - excellent!!
Got out again tonight in the whipping 20 mph wind and cool 45° temps. Hot damn, got me a 23" walleye!


Caught it on a 1/8th football jighead with a nice heavy hook JungleJim poured form me. He poured them for me maybe 2 or 3 years ago and have had a small pile used here and there out of my box since. Had a 5" Kalin's grub on the jig in the Northern Bluegill color. I threw some other tied jigs and stick bait, but this was my only bite for the night. Sure do love it when a single filleted fish fills up a quart bag all by itself. Icon14
Nice Eye!!!! Congrats
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