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I have been hearing alot about people using baits similar to the stinger shad, crappie stingers and slab bandits... they are pretty much a grub body with a thin single tail. Thought i would give a shot at making my own. I used the yarn to build up the top and bottom of the jig to give it some-what of a shad profile. I thought they turned out decent, need to play around with a few more colors.

1/32 oz.
Hide from chart. zonker strip
Craft Yarn Body - chart. & silver


The zonker hide was the left overs after trimming the hair off for some smaller jigs. I have a hard time throwing away my scraps. Big Grin I also have some edge trimmings off of whole rabbit hides i have zonker cut myself that i am going to try and trim into craw pinchers... winter time project.
Very neat AF. Like the body weave too. Did you use your chenille bobbins to do it? I bet they would come in handy for this!
Man, that is sharp! Let us know how they produce.
That's a killer,heard the trimmed rabbit makes great tails with good movement. This proves it.
Scott & JJ1 - Thanks! Smile Hope to get out and throw them at some fish before my water gets 'crusty' on top. Undecided

RD - Thanks. Did not use the bobbin... I have waaaaaaay too many colors of chenille and this yarn for how many 'deep' spools i have made. I have cut 6 spools so far and loaded them with my favorite chenille colors. Need to find someone with a wood lathe to make me about 30 spools... think i am getting carpal tunnel from trying to cut them by knife and sandpaper!!!! Beat-up Boss is starting to wonder why i am always hiding in the back room too. HaHa!!!!
Those look like the Panfish Assassin for sure. The weave looks great!
That is some nice jigs and good work weaving.
Would pass for the B.G. baby shads I use, AND LOVE, easily.
Lemme get 6 of those and no more 3.49 for an 18 ct.
Would love to see a tutorial one day.

The weave make a great looking segmented body. Nice work!

Great idea and ties. Counterparts of Panfish Assassins! Cool
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