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This year ive become a FIRM believer in tipping all jigs with big minnows. The problem is that you cant find the size I want in any of the bait shops here. Solution... Build my own tank! Im always up for another DIY project! To keep the minnows alive for a long time you need a good size tank. Im using a 150 gallon water trough that was given to me. Then you need a filtration system along with good aeration.
I wanted to be able to roll my tank around to get it out of the way if I needed to. So I picked up some heavy duty casters and built a frame out of landscape timbers and a 2x4 I had laying around.
[Image: 6907C5F7-083D-4540-BD36-2904435D087F_zpskqnbw2xc.jpg]

I picked up an aquarium air pump rated for 150 gallons. I hooked this to a 4 inch air stone. I was surprised at how much air this puts out. It actually bubbles so much that it causes the water to roll and circulate. Building a filtration system really helps cut down on the amount water changes you have to do. Im going to try to get by with just one water change a week. Im using a 550 GPM fountain pump to circulate the water up through the filter. Heres how I built my filter.
I took a container and drilled enough holes to keep up with the flow of water from the pump. Next I cut out circles of filter material to fit the container. THis material can be found at pet stores that sell aquariums. (OR its just AC filter material.) I put one circle in the bottom of the container. Then a layer of activated carbon. Another circle, more carbon.... I did this until I had 3 layers which filled up my container 2/3 of the way.

[Image: 1B3B7785-F682-48B5-83FE-2F45DDE4CB60_zpsv2o8zd8u.jpg]

[Image: B8E3EB0A-86EA-41D8-881F-16D2050C6B7E_zpsjdznbjlt.jpg]
[Image: E5F2FF4A-5694-46CA-AF81-E2D4A714EDFC_zpshvr4n6yg.jpg]

[Image: 6CEE0C70-C622-4D20-B0C8-0D0B3284579D_zpssa7tidrx.jpg]

My minners arrived this morning. I got 3 kinds: Silver fatheads, Pink fatheads, and some BIG golden shiners. Theres around 900 minnows in all.

[Image: C9E8501D-7AD8-4DC5-B8D1-F2368B4C322E_zpsvecnkcwn.jpg]

[Image: 4E596A6A-F065-4DE9-ACEA-AEB794EEE74E_zpsl1f4tb6c.jpg]
quilt batting works good for filter material also. I use a 250 gal. water trough fer mine... Nice set-up RD...
Are You using well water ??

Got a cool place to keep the tank in ?

Looks good .. Good Luck
I'm on city water. I let water sit in a separate tank for at least a day with a bubbler in it to get the chemicals out. Then I add it to the tank. Works like a charm! I have the shop AC set at 76 degrees.
Looks good
Nice set up Ronnie. With all those minners you must be planning some serious trips. Shiners are big enough to fish for when it gets too hot.
You might try this in your water Ronnie...

Water treatment
Advice from a former bait shop owner. If you can find an economical way of keeping your water cooler it will help .

Colder water retain oxygen better and is less stressful on bait. Your filter system will help some because it is exposing the water to air. Air helps to cool water. I would redo your filter with smaller drain holes. Smaller droplets will cool faster and better.

Best thing I ever found for holding minnows over long periods of time. Was the old fashioned pop coolers. Where the cooler itself was a tank of water that held pop bottles up to the neck . They had a built in cooling unit than ran on 110 V and held enough water 100 + gallons when filled higher than needed for pop sales.

Trouble is they have become collector items. Especially the ones that have a name brand painted on their side. They had a double sliding top which made maintenance and cleaning easy. If I ever see one someplace at a near reasonable price I am going to jump on it with both feet. Like a dummy I sold mine when we closed the bait shop.

All in all I really appreciate the Cajun/Redneck reverse engineering. LOL
I have a similar setup just smaller for keeping suckers, shiners, and bluegill. I fill a milk jug with water and freeze it then put in there too keep water cold. Rotate them and ur in business.
That is really cool. Well done RD. Icon14 Icon14
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