Full Version: Project: Minnow Tank
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Naw rog... Really ain't much to it. The less minners u have in your tank the easier it is. If stores have what you want it's probably not worth it unless you go through a lot of them. Here small 2" shiners are 10 cents each. I'm able to get shiners twice that size for half the price buying them off the truck.
Nice setup Ronny. I have a tank made also and keep minnows all year. Great to have a place to put left-over bait bought at the shops. I don't keep many in the heat of the summer although my tanks are inside my shop too.
I have two 50 gallon tanks side by side plumbed together with minnows only in one tank. It gives me enough water to run through the pool filter I have that came from a small swimming pool. Works great Smile
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