Full Version: Site Traffic Stats
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Thought i would share some of the stats i have access to. Love seeing the site grow. I looked up the over-all worldwide rank of JC.com and it ranges from 4 to 5 millionth depending on which rank site. It is at least high enough that some of them keep track of us and estimate the net worth of the site. Is rather laughable. Anyway, here are a couple screenshots that i thought were interesting.

This is the weekly stats. Averages about 20K page views per week. Cool

These are the stats that track where page views come from. The 3.1% from 'other' regions are our international members and visitors. Smile Radtex..... still don't have to be worried about the OH crowd taking over. :p
Purty cool,,,Looks like you Ohians need to step it up a notch,,,how can yall let Ill beat ya ? Wink
Cool! I didn't know there were that many from IL on here. Must be a bunch of lurkers! Smile
very interesting
Interesting......I have not seen the rest of the IL crew either.......lurkers start posting!
Ouch! Oh wait, that is the whole buckeye sitting on my chair. We are trying! Go Bucks!
Probably the NSA in the Windy City, trying to keep IL in the running with TX. After all, we all know and understand just how darn sharp those hooks can be, next thing ya know they be tellin us we need to use plastic hooks.