Full Version: A Gummie Process
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First I pick a painted head and wrap a thread base from the head about 1/4"down the shank.
[Image: IMAG0958_zps2708806e.jpg]
Then I select the plastic I'll use (I prefer Crappie Thunder's because they have bulk & are fairly tuff but about any solid body plastic will do) and cut the tail off.
[Image: IMAG0967_zpscb67e6a9.jpg]
Thread the body onto the hook and apply a tiny drop of super glue to the thread base and push the plastic against the jighead.
[Image: IMAG0959_zps6d521292.jpg]
Clamp hook in vise and with forceps, push body towards the jighead and clamp it.
[Image: IMAG0960_zpsb17c2b28.jpg]
Wrap a thread base to the hook bend and tie in flash (I use 1 strand, doubled twice making 4 strands).
[Image: IMAG0962_zps3d18913c.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0963_zpsfd7cfa7c.jpg]
Pull & stack hackle barbules for tail and tie in, tie 2 half-hitches and cut thread.
[Image: IMAG0964_zpse156c1ce.jpg]
Apply a tiny drop of super glue to thread just below clamp.
[Image: IMAG0965_zpsebdeb78e.jpg]
Remove clamp and pinch & twist body to push plastic over thread/glue. Cut flash to desired length
[Image: IMAG0966_zpsdc6af3cc.jpg]
Nicely done. Cool

For bass, I believe that I could try this with a Yamamoto Fat Ika or a Kinami Palm Tree with "some form" of tail material other than soft plastic. Maybe even using a curly-tailed grub for that matter.
Very cool tutorial SmileSmile

Thanks for the encouragement.
Yep just as I do it Nice Pepop!
Nice "how-to" ..
This technique is gonna be used for our saltwater bream!!!! Thanks!
Out of all those darn thing I made I never thought of doing it that way . Finally I can add another fellow to my list of guys that think outside the box , Way to go bro
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